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Kaba EACM - 1

Kaba EACM -the SAP module for efficient access organisation & time and attendance Fully integrated Company-wide Simple & secure

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Kaba EACM - 2

Kobe EACM -integrated, efficient, secure, unique What does SAP HCP Organisation Management have to do with access control and time and attendance? A lot! Using SAP HCM OM, you can see your company's whole hierarchy including organisational units and employee positions, for example. It's the ideal platform for an organisational authorisation concept and therefore an ideal base for your access organisation and time and attendance. With Kaba EACM (Enterprise Access Control Management), you don't need any additional sub-systems, as the access control and time and attendance are directly...

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Kaba EACM - 3

SAP User & Role Management SAP OM Organizational Management Kaba EACM SAP HCM Human Capital Management Kaba EACM increases your efficiency using: • simple assignment of access control rights by HR and authorised senior managers • automatic assignment of access control rights based on organisational criteria • workflows for applying for and approving temporary access authorisations • simple time and attendance and objective calculation of attendance times • automated T&A processes Kaba EACM reduces your costs using: • high levels of performance, security, scalability, availability and...

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Kaba EACM - 4

Secure across the whole company – with Kaba EACM 01 Human Resources • Monitor internal changes, and employees joining or leaving • Personalise and issue user media • Assign access rights • Process time data All areas of your company can benefit from integrated security with lean processes. Whether it involves access to the site, buildings or areas where security is critical: With Kaba EACM, you can manage and control all security processes using one central system and integrate your time and attendance. 02 Access to underground garage • Parking management • Barrier control • Integration of...

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Kaba EACM - 5

03 Security managers and security personnel • Defining zones and authorisations • Alarm and incident management • Administration of user media 05 Time and attendance • Registration of attendance and absence times • Automated T&A processes 07 Access to secured areas • Access control • Biometric identification or PIN verification • Manual image verification • Personal interlocks • Key cabinets 04 Manufacturing and production • Access control • Biometric access control • Personal interlocks • Time and attendance 06 Data processing centre • Secure, central data storage • Installation of...

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Kaba EACM - 6

One system. Four applications. Many advantages Kaba EACM comprises four core applications that enable integrated access management and time and attendance in your SAP system: personnel, access control, device and media management. In other words, Kaba offers everything you need to organise your access rights securely in one system. The deciding factor: everybody involved benefits from the system's comprehensive functionality. Corporate management benefit from improved security and accessibility, greater transparency and lower costs. HR teams can integrate all access processes and time and...

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Kaba EACM - 7

Overview of the core applications Personnel management It is simple for authorised people such as the HR department, or the team and department managers, to assign rights, either centrally or locally. Users always have an overview of all authorisations and events. This means at any time you can analyse who has which rights and find out who is allowed where. Access control management In order to depict your organisational requirements as precisely as possible, you can define access grids and profiles, making it much easier and quicker to assign rights. It‘s just as easy to monitor access...

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Kaba EACM - 8

Kaba EACM – Access Access management using your system

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Kaba EACM - 9

Lean and efficient organisational processes are more important now than ever before. Security must not be neglected. Kaba EACM provides you with complete access management in your SAP system. This gives you the highest levels of security in your company, while minimising time and expense. With Kaba EACM (Enterprise Access Control Management), dormakaba has produced its first access management system that can be fully integrated into your SAP system. All access authorisations are managed directly in the SAP Organisational Management module and are therefore an integral part of your business...

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Kaba EACM - 10

Innovations providing even greater security Kaba CardLink™ Kaba CardLink™ lets you operate standalone- and online c omponents with just one access system. The individual access rights for the standalone components are saved directly on the employee’s pass. Employees receive their access rights at update terminals fixed at central locations. Instead of updating access rights manually for each non-wired door, the rights are automatically communicated to the doors via the user’s pass. Access rights are time-limited. The doors only unlock if the presented pass has the right authorisation at...

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Kaba EACM - 11

An overview of the various access and media solutions Mechanical locks are old-fashioned when it comes to secure access and have outlived their purpose. Electronic master key systems offer comprehensive access management options. Access control using cards and reader units is simple and straightforward. The right solution for every door and security level Every company has areas with different security requirements as well as different types of access, e.g. doors, sliding doors, gates, and turnstiles. Some access points are used regularly, with others less so. We offer the ideal solution...

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Kaba EACM - 13

Now also on the safe side Our access readers are also the ideal solution for points where security is particularly critical and can easily be adjusted to new requirements. For external use, our readers with separate registration units are ideal for high-security applications. The control units are permanently and securely installed inside, from where access permissions are granted. Communication between registration unit and associated control unit is encrypted and therefore fulfils security requirements. Readers with separate registration units External registration units Internal control...

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