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AUDITCON® 2 SERIES LOCKS MODELS 52, T52, 252, 552 - VERTICAL HOUSING DEAD BOLT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Front Cover & Keypad Assembly Lock Case Assembly Cable Shields (2) Front Cover Mounting Screws (3) Dial Label Keypad/Base Mounting Screws (2) Spindle Clip Design Parameters for Auditcon 2 Series Locks Lock Case Mounting Screws (4) 1. Bolt dimensions (nominal): .312 inches x 1.000 inches/ 3. olt extension: .465 inches/11.8 mm B 4. Maximum load movable by the bolt: 5 lbs. (22N) NOTE: Auditcon 2 dead bolt locks may not open if more than 5 lbs. (22N) of force is applied to the end or side of the bolt. Spindle & Tube The installation instructions are the basis for Security Agency Approvals. The lock installation must be done in accordance to these instructions in order to maintain the labeled approval level. Spindle Mounting Not Shown in Photo: Insulator Tape Screw Figure 1 - Dead Bolt Lock Parts 5. Maximum load against bolt when thrown (all directions): 224.8 lbs. (1kN) 6. he lock can be fitted to safes or vault doors of any T material. NOTE: As is the case with all mechanical and electronic locking devices, the container and boltworks must be designed to protect the lock. Basic Tools and Materials Needed • edium Phillips head screwdriver (#2) (recommend M magnetized tip) • ine pitch hacksaw (32 teeth/inch) F • Small flat file • All-purpose scissors • Tape measure or ruler • ESD wrist band • orque screwdriver (30 inch-pounds/3.4 newton-meters T capacity) • Small vise grip • Needle-nosed pliers • Loctite® 262 (Red) for use on lock case mounting screws Prepare for New Installation of the Lock (If Required) 1. Use the installation template provided to establish the exact locations (relative to the spindle hole) of the mounting holes for the dial assembly and the lock assembly. 2. The spindle hole diameter can be a minimum of .406” (10.3mm) to a maximum of .438” (11.1mm). The .406” (10.3mm) diameter is recommended. Spindle hole must be deburred. 3. he dial assembly mounting screws require drilled and T tapped holes to 3/8” (9.5mm) depth if possible (minimum 1/4” or 6.4mm depth required.) Drill either the two horizontal mounting holes or the two vertical holes. 4. When mounting the lock unit (i.e., integrating it in a boltwork), make sure that the lock bolt has clearance to freely move to its end positions and that the shifting force works only in the axial direction (direction of movement). Lateral forces should not be exerted on the lock. 5. If other parts of the boltwork are to be connected to the lock unit (e.g., for activating a blocking device), corresponding adapters can be fixed with screws (#10-32 or M4) to the front of the lock bolt (tightening torque for 15mm screwing depth: 200Ncm maximum). (P/N) 3045.025 Rev E 05/19 • © copyright 2005 - 2019 WARNING: dormakaba locks are protected from 25,000 V Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) damage when correctly installed. Follow these precautions to avoid ESD damage when installing the lock: • Handle the keypad assembly by the outer edge only. • se an ESD wrist band grounded to the lock or container U during installation. Part I: Install Lock Case Assembly WARNING: Do not take the lock case assembly apart. There are no field servicable parts inside lock case. This action will void the warranty. 1. Insert a cable shield into the Figure 2 deburred spindle hole from the back side of the container door. 2. Place the protective tube over the tube retainer on the lock case. (Figure 2) 3. hile holding the lock case W assembly, guide the tube through the spindle hole and place the lock case flush against the inside of the container door. 4. Mark the tube flush to the outside of the container door (to within 1/16” or 1.6mm). 5. Remove lock case assembly from door and cut the tube just inside your

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6. lug one end of the ribbon cable into the connector on the bottom of the lock case. (Figure 3) P 7. ay the ribbon cable in the cable routing path on the lock case and tape the cable to the outside L of the tube with the insulator tape provided. (Figure 3) 8. old the lock case assembly and carefully guide the loose end of the ribbon cable and the tube H through the spindle hole so that they are accessible outside of the container door. 9. Mount the lock case assembly to the inside of the container door using the four 1/4-20 (or M6-1) lock case mounting screws. (Torque 25-30 lbs., 2.8-3.4...

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13. Test the operation of the lock before completing the installation of the front cover by verifying the following: • nsure that the dial turns freely without scraping. If necessary, re-adjust the keypad/base E assembly mounting screws, the position of the spindle, or replace the spindle completely. • ower the lock by turning the dial briskly in any direction until simultaneous green and P red flashes display and two beeps sound to indicate the lock is powered. Position the lock dial to the HOME position and key in the Factory Combination. (For a Model 52 or T52, enter “502550”. For a...

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AUDITCON®  2 SERIES LOCKS - 4 © 2005-2019 dormakaba USA Inc. All rights reserved. Product warranty information can be found at: NOTICE: The information in this instruction sheet is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of dormakaba. dormakaba shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein; nor for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the furnishing, performance or use of this material. dormakaba USA Inc. 749 W. Short Street, Lexington, KY 40508 USA Phone: (859) 253-4744 FAX: (859) 255-2655...

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