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Increased security, convenience and efficiency Everything revolves around security The demands placed on sensitive places like airports are continually increasing. At the same time, passengers, visitors and airport staff now expect maximum comfort and user-friendliness, while airport operators such as airlines rely on maximum efficiency for key passenger processes. A lot of expectations. And appropriate responses. With unparalleled integrated solutions from dormakaba, one of the leading experts in access control. Automated solutions Our fully coordinated product range provides automated...

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Everything is integrated. Increased security, greater convenience, attractive, user-friendly design, faster processes. Boarding pass control eGates in the terminal provide seamless and efficient support to airport staff who control access to the security area. Border crossing Secure, efficient passport control ensures clarity and helps border officials to manage border control quickly. Access to the business lounge Controlled access to the business lounge takes the burden off lounge staff, leaving them with more time to devote to individual guests. Self-boarding eGates for self-boarding...

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dormakaba uniquely streamlines all passenger processes into one. The results are impressive. The benefits are extensive for airport operators, flight operators and passengers alike. Successfully navigate the new challenges in global aviation with dormakaba. With a strong passion for flying. And unique integration.

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Boarding pass control Not just anyone. Passengers’ security is always the top priority – both on the way to the security area and at border crossing. Only those who are authorised to go through may do so. To help with this process, dormakaba offers automated solutions that impress. dormakaba sensor barriers are a key feature of boarding pass control for convenient, reliable and seamless access control. The space-saving barrier allows just one passenger through at a time and the swing doors open for those with access authorisation. The high-precision sensor protects the user and ensures...

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Border crossing dormakaba automatic immigration gates relieve border police and help detect invalid or forged documents. Border officials gain more time for spot checks and isolated incidents. Biometrics can be integrated for additional security and convenience: Swift and mainly contactless checks are run to determine whether the person is question is the rightful passport holder. Only those with authorisation may pass - one glance into a camera is all it takes. The added benefit for passengers of swift, contactless control is that they keep their hands free. And staff know who is allowed...

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Access to the business lounge Individual values. Maximum security, impressive convenience: access to the exclusive business lounge is clearly regulated. dormakaba eGates provide reliable, fast and convenient controls. Its self-boarding gates only grant access to passengers who have booked, getting them onto the right flight. Automated contactless controls for individual access authorisation are a central feature, supported by the likes of Near Field Communication (NFC) to guarantee smooth operations. First-Class and Business-Class passengers and frequent fliers expect first class service –...

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Welcome on board: with its seamless checks, dormakaba automated self-boarding system ensures additional security directly at the departure gate, offering passengers a high level of comfort. Swift boarding is important, without jeopardising security and passenger service. dormakaba self-boarding gates support ground staff by providing high speed and precision. Passengers benefit from increased convenience. This is because staff also have more time to deal with their problems – big or small. It is now an even greater certainty that only passengers booked onto each flight will be able to get...

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Transition from airside to landside A clear advantage. The transition from airside to landside places the strictest demands on access security. With its transparent, one-way barriers, dormakaba ensures the system is clear. This makes it impossible to pass through without authorisation. Providing a warm welcome while keeping secure zones apart: Separating public areas from security areas is one of the most problematic aspects of airport security and is governed by clear laws. Unauthorised persons are not allowed through to airside under any circumstances. At the same time, inbound passengers...

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Effective, precise, secure: Orthos PIL-M02 personal interlock Orthos PIL-M02 personal interlocks reliably meet the highest security requirements. The modular system’s sophisticated sensor system prevents movement in unauthorised directions and keeps dangerous objects out.

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Consistently secure. From public areas to the security area and back. The entrances and exits for airport staff are often located in different areas around the building. With sensor barriers, revolving security doors and passenger barriers, dormakaba offers comprehensive, reliable solutions for the strictest security requirements. Entrances and exits for airport staff: a sensitive dividing line between security and public areas that often goes unmonitored. This makes smooth, automated security controls all the more essential - for example with dormakaba Orthos personal interlocks. Using...

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Customs exit, visitor terrace and protected areas: three airport areas that each have specific requirements in access control. And one impressive solution provider: dormakaba. One exit, three requirements: the smooth flow of passengers in one direction. No-one can go back. No unauthorised access from outside. dormakaba is leading the way in security. Fully automated swing doors make things for passengers with luggage trolleys and suitcases highly convenient. And reliably close off the path in the opposite direction. Benefits • High reliability • Barrier-free access possible • Very...

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