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MPS46/56 - 1

• Independent control of Altitude & Airspeed • Exceeds RVSM accuracy, with 12 months recalibration period • GPIB, RS232 and USB interfaces for ATE systems compatibility • User programmable safety limits and multiple test programs • Internal pumps, single channel & high flow rate variants • 19 inch Rack moun

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MPS46/56 - 2

SUPPLYING AIR DATA TEST SETS TO THE WORLD DMA traces its origins back to 1938, mainly as a test equipment manufacturer to support European aviation requirements. Today DMA supply precision Air Data Test Sets and other aviation ground support equipment to aircraft manufacturers, repair stations and operators throughout the world. LABORATORY TESTER FOR DEMANDING APPLICATIONS The MPS46 is a rack mount or table top digital technology Air Data Test Set incorporating many standard features normally found on more expensive test instruments. As well as the standard Static and Pitot twin channel...

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MPS46/56 - 3

MPS46 FRONT PANEL Cross-bleed Pitot line manual manual vent valve vent valve mfumga EBIIIOB ESS DO □StDBB MPS46 REAR PANEL Aux data connector Ps-Pt vacuum cross-bleed Static line output External vacuum port (Ps) External vacuum port (Pt) External overpressure port Pitot line output Power connector and main switch DMMI3 FRONT & REAR PANELS MPS46 VARIANTS Model 1Recommended external pump for MPS46 and MPS46H is EPSR2 2Recommended external pump for MPS56 is EPSR3 3Achievable rate - please specify your particular high rate requirements when ordering

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MPS46/56 - 4

Notes: Control capability on all load volumes: Static: 0 to 2 L (125 cu. in.), Pitot: 0 to 1.3 L (80 cu. in.). Larger volumes acceptable 1Achievable with internal pumps on MPS46P 2Requires external pumps 3High rate achievable into small system volumes 4Selectable to ± 1 ft/min 5Option J3 extends control to 100,000 ft (10 hPa, 0.3 inhg). Option J3 can be combined with option J4. 6Internal pumps only achieve 850 kts (2600 hPa, 77 inhg) 7Total accuracy includes all metrological uncertainty contributions for the pressure measured. Metrological data has full traceability with International...

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