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Wirelessly streamed channels to passenger's own devices "digEcor's Wi-Fi system provides a light weight, cabin installed solution that provides 100% Wi-Fi coverage to stream content to passenger devices." SOLUTION OVERVIEW r Modular1 Modular Flexible Customised Fully Integrated Whether you are looking for a wireless streaming enhancement or an alternative to seat back Inflight Entertainment at 1.4 to 1.7 Gbps, digEcor's wirelessly streamed channels through WAPs provide availability for all passengers to access the service using their own devices. Cabin Management Server ("CMS") The Wi-Fi solution comprises the installation of a Cabin Management Server ("CMS") with the Wireless Access Points ("WAPs"). The CMS stores (64GB to 2TB capacity options) content to be distributed wirelessly via WAPs to passenger devices. The CMS is used by cabin crew to control the Wi-Fi IFE system and is usually installed near front door. It provides interfaces to aircraft systems and links GLIDE to the aircraft to: • Play stored Video content, Audio Passenger Addresses (VPA's and PA's) and Boarding Music dig^cor • Control Video or Map feeds to overhead screens (if fitted) • Control of digEcor LED lighting package (if fitted) • Access Maintenance information The WAPs provide coverage throughout the cabin using a patented Cognitive Hotspot Technology™ (CHT). The WAPs act together as a team to optimize the network capacity. CHT is designed to prevent interference and network congestion. Wi-Fi is based upon digEcor's own equipment from our GLIDE seat centric system as FAA certified in July 2015, in addition to third party VT Miltope supplied WAPs. Two LRUs are required including GLIDE Cabin Management Server and Wireless Access Points (WAPs). Hybrid solutions such as embedded AVOD in business class and Wi-Fi in economy are also available. With streaming IFE content to passenger's own devices comes the obvious need to supply power and charge capability at the seat. digEcor has designed 5V USB and 110V power options. For USB power, each seat is fitted with a low-profile USB power distribution unit and an illuminated reversible USB outlet. For 110V power, a single power unit can support up to 4 RPO outlets and can be mounted onto the seat leg, sidewall or under the seat pan, all easily integrated within digEcor's Wi-Fi system. Integrated Flight Experience WWW.DIGECOR.COM

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Integrated Flight Experience WI-FI PASSENGER EXPERIENCE o Passengers elect to stream content to their own device o Airline customised interface reiterating the brand experience o Easy to operate o Optional USB and 110V power to charge and power passengers devices FEATURES o WAP Cognitive Hotspot TechnologyTM (CHT): Optimises wireless network o IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n and 802.11ac compliant client devices; tablets, laptops or cell phones o Radio certification for on aircraft operation o Power; 115 Vac (360 to 900 Hz) or 28 Vdc, 20W nominal, 26W max o Lightweight at 2.5kg (4lbs) including antenna...

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