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Tape Replacement Digital upgrade to eliminate tape from existing IFE systems SOLUTION OVERVIEW Now is the time to upgrade your overhead Inflight Entertainment from tape to digital. The best value can be achieved with the installation of a quality product, at the optimum price and with the additional capability to future proof your investment. “digEcor’s Tape Replacement Solution is the lowest cost digital upgrade product on the market. It saves money by extending the life and existing investment in overhead video screens.” digEcor’s market difference is our modular and fully integrated solutions that make up our Integrated Flight Experience product portfolio. We don’t just offer a tape replacement box swap within your VCC, we replace the entire VCC with one LRU. The LRU functionality is up to you to decide: üü Tape Replacement Option - Upgrade from tape to a digital source, remove tape decks and connect existing audio/video systems to offer PRAMS, PA, Video and Moving Map üü Tape Replacement Plus Option - Include all the above PLUS Cabin Lighting and Temperature Control üü Cabin Management Option - Upgrade and include full cabin management including IFE, Lighting, Power and Passenger Services (refer to our Cabin Management brochure) üü Seat Centric System Option - Upgrade to the full configuration capacity as the interface for GLIDE Embedded (refer to our Embedded brochure) THE TAPE REPLACEMENT OPTION The LRU mounts onto a convenient galley or cabin wall and frees up overhead bin or galley space. It features up to 4TB of internal storage and is updated via a swappable SSD content drive, USB or 4G modem transfers. Integrated Flight Experience

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Integrated Flight Experience SAVES SPACE o At only 2.2kg (4.5lb) digEcor’s Tape Replacement Solution replaces the Video Control Cabinet (VCC) onboard freeing up valuable passenger or crew galley space and reducing system weight by more than 10kg CABIN MANAGEMENT Crew management system for IFE, cabin lighting, power usage & passenger services PASSENGER SERVICES SAVES TIME o A digital system makes it easier and faster to update IFE content, thereby eliminating the maintenance and logistical hassle and cost of tapes BEST PRICE o digEcor’s Tape Replacement solution is the lowest cost digital...

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