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Cabin Lighting The easiest and most noticeable cabin refresh using LED technology creating space and comfort in the cabin SOLUTION OVERVIEW “Cabin Lighting is the single most important factor influencing the passenger experience.” With more airlines looking to utilise cabin lighting to create unique brand experiences within the cabin, digEcor’s LED Cabin Lighting solution delivers exactly this, exemplifying our commitment to enhancing the overall passenger experience. Our LED Cabin Lighting solution is an easy and economical way for airlines to create a memorable travel experience by enhancing the spatial feel of the cabin, reducing jetlag and creating an elegant platform to further deliver the essence of your brand. digEcor’s market difference is our modular and fully integrated solutions that make up our Integrated Flight Experience product portfolio. Whether you are looking to replace existing fittings with LED technology or are interested in a greater integration of products to enhance your cabins, digEcor have a number of options. For mood lighting or replacement LED the options include: 1. White Only: A like-for-like maintenance cost driven all white LED solution - An economic solution for maintenance driven programs looking to achieve cheaper cost of ownership without the need of a Cabin Management Terminal (CMT) 2. White +: An enhanced mid-range white plus one colour solution - An intermediate solution that reaps the benefits of upgrading to LED, and enables limited brand colour transitions 3. Full RGBW: A top end multicolour LED solution offering full RGBW with 16 million colours and over 4 billion transitions, enabling full colour day/night transitions and mood setting Integrated Flight Experience

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Integrated Flight Experience LED CABIN LIGHTING Our solution is easy-to-install, replaces existing light assemblies and operates through the CMT or stand-alone via a touchscreen efficiently running from existing power. It is available as a direct replacement for most aircraft common light fixtures and is configured for sidewall and ceiling use. This modular product allows cabin crew to easily control the lighting within the cabin by manipulating over 4 billion colour settings to choose the shade or intensity throughout various stages of the journey. EASY INSTALLATION o Broad light assembly...

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