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DA62 - 2

TRAVEL THE 21ST CENTURY WAY MORE OF THE BEST The all new DA62 fills the gap between high performance single pistons and entry level turboprops. With a spacious cabin, offering optional three row seven passenger seating, excellent payload and exceptionally low fuel burn, the DA62 is best described as a flying luxury SUV. AT A GLANCE: ▪ 7 seats, three-row seating ▪ Excellent cabin access ▪ Luxurious leather interior ▪ G1000 NXi, GFC700 3-axis & yaw damper ▪ Twin 180hp jet fuel AE330 engines ▪ High fuel efficiency ▪ Superb performance in all phases of flight ▪ TKS known ice protection (FIKI)...

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DA62 - 3

SPACIOUS LUXURY MEETS HIGH TECH SPACIOUS INTERIOR DESIGN The DA62 spoils pilots and passengers alike, with an extra-large cabin, generous and adjustable front seats, a 60/40 split folding three seat second row bench and optional folding two seat third row bench. Comfortable access for all on board is assured through the two forward gull wing doors and the huge rear door that provides access to all rear seats. Baggage is stowed in the generous nose compartments and cabin, offering maximum loading flexibility for any mission. FIRST CLASS CABIN Luxury features abound throughout, including...

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DA62 - 4

LANDING TAXI POSITION STROBE COM I GPS/NAV I XPDR ENG INST PITOT DE-'CE INSTRUMENT LIGHT FLOOD LIGHT INST LT PEOALS AV CONT Coolant Temp Tift OKXfcOO UTt 06:1043 rest Alerts - LH ENGINE FUEL FUEL ] lM PUMP A PUMP B IR|DIUM - RH ENGINE -FUEL FUEL PUMP A PUMP B I- LEFT ENGINE -, I- RIGHT ENGINE -, RH ELECT MASTER AY MASTER MASTER START LEFT START RIGHT MASTER FUEL PUMPS _ UNSAFE LEFT # left right Thin airplane may only be operated In accordance with the Airplane Flight Manual In ihe -Normal- category m non-wing cendUiona, Provided truu national operational requirement* are mat and the...

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DA62 - 5

ADVANCED AVIONICS EASY PROGRAMMING The Garmin GCU 476 alphanumeric keypad is an available option in the DA62. It makes programming the G1000 NXi easier than ever! TOP-NOTCH AVIONICS The fully integrated Garmin G1000NXi flight deck with standard 3-axis GFC700 Automated Flight Control System and yaw damper and Electronic Stability and Protection, is complemented by a long list of avionics options to perfectly suit your mission. Integrated weather radar, normally available only on much more expensive aircraft, is available as are Traffic Alerting, Synthetic Vision, and much more. The Line...

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DA62 - 6

PROPULSION JET-FUEL POWER The turbocharged Austro AE330 jet fuel piston engines perfectly match the DA62’s aerodynamically efficient airframe, burning only 17.1 gph, combined, at a high speed cruise of 192 ktas, and little as 9 gph at max endurance speed. PROPELLERS The 3 blade MT hydraulic constant speed propellers feature advanced blade geometry for efficient performance, smoothness and low noise. They are automatically controlled by each engine’s digital engine control through conventional hydraulic governors. Feathering is as simple as flipping a single switch. CONTROL Control is...

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DA62 - 7

DA62 in wordwide service (Year 2016-2018) STATES North America 50 Units Latin America 5 Units Middle East / Africa 5 Units Asia and Pacific 5 Units WORLDWIDE 120+ UNITS CHAD CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC SOUTH SUDAN The DA62 moves more passengers and equipment further and faster than anything else in its class, with exceptional fuel efficiency, luxury and twin-engine security. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC m OF THE CONGO SOUTH AFRICA

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DA62 - 9

DIAMOND CUSTOMIZED Customized Exterior Design - Be unique! Be as branding. Interested in other colors or custom s unique as you wish and choose almost any color and design. Make it sophisticated, crazy, let it fit your car or company chemes, please contact our sales representatives to discuss further.

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DA62 - 10

EXTERIOR PAINT SCHEMES Light Silver Belly Paint (all versions except Glossy White) Glossy White Rubin red metallic & light silver Carbon metallic & light silver Gold metallic & light silver Sapphire metallic blue & light silver

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DA62 - 11

EXTERIOR VINYL STREAM EXTERIOR VINYL MOVE VINYL COLORS Red Black VINYL COLORS Dark Grey Pearl White Chrome Choose any striping colour and design you wish or let it fit your company branding.

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DA62 - 12

DIAMOND PEARL GREY INTERIOR DIAMOND ONYX INTERIOR Seats (genuine leather / textile) Seats (genuine leather / textile) Side Lining (genuine leather / alcantara) Side Lining (genuine leather / alcantara) Other materials Other materials

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DA62 - 13

DIAMOND CASHMERE BEIGE INTERIOR Seats (genuine leather) Side Lining (genuine leather / alcantara) Other materials Ceiling

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DA62 - 14

INTERIOR FEATURES INTERIOR FEATURES Exclusive, handmade genuine leather and textile trim paneling with satin-finished composite inlays. Functional, ultra-lightweight interior materials (aircraft light leather, flame resistant, non-soiling & UV protection). Handmade high-quality upholstering. ERGONOMIC FEATURES Ergonomically designed and climate-controlled seats with variable lordosis support and adjustable backrest. Softly upholstered, folding middle armrest and leg rests. Several oddment compartments, folding cup and bottle holder. Interchangeable headrests. Light and air valves within...

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DA62 - 15

ARCTIC OCEAN ARCTIC OCEAN DA62 RANGE ^ DA62 RANGE (incl. auxiliary tank) POWER: 50% (white circle on map) Range: 1,265 nm (2,342 km) Time: 8.9 h Speed: 142 kts (263 km/h) Consumption: 9.8 gal/h (37 l/h) POWER: 95% (yellow circle on map) Range: 887 nm (1,643 km) Time: 4.7 h Speed: 190 kts (352 km/h) Consumption: 18.5 gal/h (70 l/h) ORTH LANTIC OCEAN SOLOMON JSLANDS SOUTH PACIFIC OCEAN He Amsterdam JFr. S, and Ant Lands) V Saint-Paul (Ft S. ard Ant. Lands) Great Australian The above data are approximately specifications and may change without notice. Range calculation does not consider...

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DA62 - 16

POWER PLANT PERFORMANCE (MTOM, ISA) 2x Austro Engine AE 3300 turbocharged common-rail Engine injected 2.0 liter jet fuel engine with 180 HP and EECU single lever control system Fuel grades 2x MT propeller MTV-6-R-C-F/CF 194-80 3-blade constant speed propeller Jet A-1, Jet A, TS-1 (Russia, Ukraine), RT (Russia, Ukraine), No. 3 Jet Fuel (China), JP-8 Max. speed (14,000 ft, MCP) Max. speed at typical configuration 11 Cruise speed at 75% (12,000 ft) DIMENSIONS / MASS / LOADING Length 9.19 m 30 ft 2 in Fuel capacity total 326 lt / 261 kg 86 US gal / 576 lbs Specifications apply to standard...

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