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TRIONet - the flexible measurement system for USB 3.0 and Ethernet measurements. Decentralized measurement tasks are easily managed with intelligent, simple cross-linking and the capability to increase the number of input channels as needed. EASY-TO-USE: TOUCH-DISPLAY AND AUTOCONFIGURATION Zero configuration effort is needed. Simply hook-up your TRIONet to any PC or laptop. It's that simple. LOCAL OR DISTRIBUTED MEASUREMENTS WITH ONE SOLUTION Whether in the field or in the office there can be several hundred feet between the TRIONet and your PC or laptop, impacting data integrity. TRIONet's...

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TRIONet - 3

DATA ACQUISITION & ANALYSIS SOFTWARE Measure, store, view and analyze your measurement data with maximum efficiency. The measurement software OXYGEN - also a DEWETRON product - enables gapless data acquisition. As OXYGEN is the most intuitive measurement software, it can simply be installed on any PC. Customize the software according to your measurement tasks by defining different screens and views! THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE DATA ACQUISITION SOFTWARE > Multiple measurement screens > Ensures efficiency & performance > OXYGEN-NET for networked measurements > Analyze while recording > Logging &...

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CONFIGURATIONS FLEXIBLE APPLICATION > USB 3.0 or Gigabit Ethernet > Central or decentral measurement > Low channel count measurements or expand with additional daisy-chained and synchronized systems STACKABLE INSTRUMENTS BATTERY PACK TRIONet chassis can be safely stacked using the easy locking function. This external, stackable battery pack offers DC power supply with 3 hot swappable batteries. EXCHANGEABLE TRION MODULES TRIONet offers capacity for two TRION modules for data acquisition of up to 16 channels. Modules can be exchanged in seconds to customize the unit for additional...

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TRIONet - 5

Absolute time xxx (PTP, IRIG, GPS) JJ msT[: Current (shunt required) Modular Smart Interfaces (e.g. for thermocouple) Current (with shunt inside) O Bridge (strain gauge) Counter inputs CONNECTOR TYPES 6 BNC or LEMO 1B 6 BNC or LEMO 1B Safety banana Safety banana, CAT III 1000 V 2) DIGITAL MODULES TRION-CNT TRION-DI-48 TRION-BASE TRION-VGPS-V3 TRION-TIMING-V3 TRION-CAN POWER MODULES 11 Some versions of this module occupy 2 TRION slots 2) CAT III 1000 V only applicable for 1000 V inputs; SUB-600V has CAT II 600 V / CAT III 300 V

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TRIONet - 6

APPLICATIONS WITH TRIONet REAL-TIME DRIVE TESTING ON TRAINS & OTHER ELECTRIC VEHICLES Distributed measurement systems for long distance, distributed power analysis, and mixed signal analysis on trains during real-time drive testing and test bench applications. High channel count with stackable and modular product concept. Long distance synchronized measurement of power parameters (P, Q, S, PF, efficiency), mechanical parameters (torque, rotation speed) and environmental parameters (temperature inside or outside, winding and bearing temperature of motors and transformers) simultaneously....

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SOLAR & WINDMILL TESTING > Air pressure and temperature > Solar irradiation > Wind & rotation speed > Mechanical & structural parameters > Generated power > Energy consumption > Power quality parameters > Efficiency of converters > Harmonic loads > Generated power Wide area recording and analysis of power quality as well as the environmental and mechanical parameters of solar and wind farms according to national and international standards and regulations for renewables. Determination of efficiency and losses of multiple solar farm converters and wind turbine generators at the same time....

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Slots for TRION™ modules Quasi-static channel expansion LAN LAN configuration USB Synchronization System bandwidth Display Cooling 2 CPAD via TRION-CAN or TRION-MULTI (no EPAD] 2 x 10/100/1000BASE-TX Gigabit Ethernet DHCP or Static IP USB 2.0; USB 3.0 TRION-SYNC-Bus up to 100 m between nodes 90 MB/s with one connected TRIONet (up to 50 MB/s with more than one] Status display with touch-screen 2 temperature controlled ultra silent fans HOST SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 10 to 32 Vdc (9 to 36 VJ Without modules 15 W, totally equipped max. 55 W 100 to 240 V ~50 to 60 Hz / 65 W Isolated power supply...

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