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MIXED SIGNAL POWER ANALYZER HIGH-PERFORMANCE POWER ANALYSIS & GAPLESS RECORDING OF ANY SIGNAL Continuous Waveform Recording MIXED-SIGNAL RECORDER MULTI-POWER ANALYZER Our Power Analyzers are also mixed-signal recorders, which means you only need ONE system for all inputs: > Modular and mixed signal inputs > Isolated high voltage & current inputs > High-performance auxiliary inputs (e.g. torque, speed, vibration) A DEWETRON Power Analyzer is the solution for the analysis of several motors, converters or complete drive trains simultaneously. Up to 16 different power phases and the calculation...

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> 8 x TRION3™lmodules > Up to 16 different power phases > Redundant, integrated current transducer supply > Signal inputs at the rear side DEWE2-PA7 > Up to 2 MS/s/ch @ 18-bit > 7 x TRION™ modules > Up to 12 different power phases > Integrated current transducer supply > Signal inputs at the front

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Choose between two types of power modules with 8 input channels, each with 18-bit resolution. Because of the unique modularity, 4 channels can be equipped with different user-exchangeable sub-modules for direct current or voltage measurement. So almost any kind of voltage or current sensor can be connected to a DEWETRON Power Analyzer. SUB-MODULES > User-exchangeable at any time > Automatically detected > Calibration data directly stored inside The other 4 channels are fixed high-voltage inputs with ±2000 VPEak. The modules offer a different sampling rate: > ™ON3 -1810M-POWER-4 10 MS/s/ch >...

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TRION3-1810M-POWER-4 TRION-1820-POWER-4 Range Accuracy DC Accuracy 0.5 Hz - 1 kHz Accuracy 1 kHz - 5 kHz Accuracy 5 kHz - 10 kHz Accuracy 10 kHz - 50 kHz Accuracy 50 kHz - 300 kHz (± 1000 V (±2000 VPEM] ±0.02 % of reading, ±0.02 % of range ±0.03 % of reading (no range error] ±0.15 % of reading (no range error] ±0.35 % of reading (no range error] ±0.6 % of reading (no range error] 0.02 % *f in kHz) of reading (no range error] CURRENT INPUT SPECIFICATIONS 1 Range Accuracy DC Accuracy 0.5 Hz - 10 kHz Accuracy 10 kHz - 30 kHz Accuracy 30 kHz - 200 kHz Accuracy 200 kHz - 300 kHz 0.2 A (±0.4...

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OXYGEN MEASUREMENT SOFTWARE OXYGEN Measurement Software seamlessly integrates data being transmitted through multiple, totally synchronized signals into calculations for power analysis. > Analysis of 1-9 phase power systems (1P2W, 2V2A, 3P3W, 3P4W, 6P6W, …) > Several power systems are logically summarized into power groups > Gapless cycle-by-cycle calculation, no blind spots MULTIPLE FREELY DEFINABLE SCREENS Using a DEWETRON Power Analyzer, you can freely define differnt screens and easily select between views compatible to traditional Power Analyzers or design your own preferred views by...

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MODULARITY & EXPANDABILITY Do you need more input channels? No problem, the Power Analyzers can be extended in many ways. Just add another TRION™ or TRION3™ module, if there is a free slot. Data is automatically synchronized across all channels. If you need more input channels, you can easily expand the Power Analyzer with a TRIONet for a higher channel count or add static inputs by using CPAD or EPAD modules. COMPLIANCE TO INDUSTRY STANDARDS Analysis of harmonics, interharmonics, and higher frequencies as well as voltage fluctuations and flicker emissions are done according to industry...

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OXYGEN-NET FOR DISTRIBUTED MEASUREMENTS Many applications require more than one measurement device, sometimes even at different locations. OXYGEN-Net makes it possible to sum up all devices to one virtual measurement device. You only need a reliable network connection, and you can simply claim all available nodes and operate it from the main device. > Create one big virtual device with several remote nodes (measurement cloud) > No complicated settings needed, simply claim and remove nodes with one click > Remote and local data storage possible for redundancy > Works with absolute time...

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TESTBED INTEGRATION Smart interface technology makes it easy to integrate a Power Analyzer into automation systems and testbed environments while it is guaranteeing reliable data transmission, easy to use remote control and remote configuration through TCP/IP based protocols in compliance with standardized protocols (e.g. ASAM) and file formats. DEWETRON provides various options for integration of the measurement device into a testbed or any other third-party environment. This enables the usage of nearly any host as data sink and control instance. Physical layer Typical speed Number of...

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RENEWABLE ENERGY Renewable power plants, especially solar power plants and wind power plants, are becoming more and more common all over the world and help us to ensure a power supply with green energy. DEWETRON’s modular Power Analyzers are the ideal solution for DC and AC measurements for renewable energy power plants and furthermore are able to capture environmental parameters like irradiance, wind, pressure or temperature simultaneously and synchronized. For distributed measurements over several grid connection points and renewable energy power plants, DEWETRON offers synchronized (e.g:...

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CURRENT TRANSDUCERS The integrated transducer power supply enables the engineer to relinquish an additional supply box and connect the transducers directly to the Power Analyzer. Sensors with ±15 V or +9 V are compatible. Direct input TRION-POWER Zero-flux through hole Range [ARMS] Accuracy area [%] Bandwidth [kHz] Name Supply required Accurate measurements low current, where current path can be openend. Sub-module recommendation SUB-CUR-1A or SUB-dLV-1V with shunt adapter (for highest bandwidth) Accurate measurements high current, where current path can be opened. Typically efficiency...

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DEWE2-PA7 DEWE3-PA8 Slots for TRION™/ TRION3™|modules Number of power phases Sampling rate Signal input location High-speed channel expansion Low-speed channel expansion 100 Hz Quasi-static channel expansion Data storage Optional data storage Gap free storing rate Display 8 TRION™ / TRION: Up to 16 Up to 10 MS/s Rear Add TRIONet or OXYGEN-NET CPAD3 via TRION-CAN EPAD2 or CPAD2 via TRION-CAN 1 TB Solid State Disk dedicated for data storage 1 TB hard disk dedicated for data storage 120 GB SSD for operating system and application software (SSD-PCIe-1T-2T) Upgrade from 1 TB to 2 TB industrial...

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