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OXYGEN is designed to be operated via touchscreen or classic mouse and keyboard. Its nice instruments and controls make it fun to navigate through tons of data. 100 % made and rigorously tested in Austria by DEWETRON. YOUR ADVANTAGES WITH OXYGEN > All-in-one software for measurement, visualization, and analysis for many applications like Power Analysis, FFT, Order Analysis, ... > OXYGEN-SDK plugin interface for customization > Wide range of interfaces for testbed integration - including remote control capability via TCP/IP > Unlimited installations for data view and analysis (license-free)...

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VIEWING & ANALYZING Multiple precision measurement instruments and analysis functions increase the value of your measurements: > Scope > FFT > E-Power calculation (efficiency measurement) > XY chart > DMS-rosette strain gauge measurement > And many more EFFICIENCY & PERFORMANCE > Easy-to-use and intuitive > Efficient workflow that minimizes the time between setup and reporting > High-performance through 64-bit technology ANALYZE WHILE RECORDING DejaView allows you to view and analyze all data from the start of the test, while data is still being recorded - an especially useful feature for...

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Data acquisition is one of the core features of OXYGEN. It is capable of continuous and synchronous acquisition of data from several sources: analog, digital, encoder, CAN, Ethernet, video, GPS and much more. > Analog data with up to 10 MS/s via TRION3™ > Digital and encoder data with automatic rpm and angle calculation > CAN(-FD) decoding via dbc, including J1939. Compatible with Vector VN-series (option) > Ethernet receiver for external sensors (option) > Video data from USB or GigE camera > Precision GPS position data via TRION™, GeneSys ADMA or OxTS RT series RECORDING The second core...

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MATH AND CALCULATION The highly customizable setup also allows the creation of several software channels to meet your purposes: >> Formula for arithmetic and more advanced calculations (trigonometric, logical and measurement functions) >> Block-wise statistics to calculate average, rms, min and max values >> High, low, bandpass and bandstop IIR-filter up to the 10th order >> DMS-rosette calculation module for 45°, 60°, and 90° setups >> Psophometric analysis for railway and telecommunication applications TRIGGER & EVENTS The powerful trigger and event system makes it easy to record data in...

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OXYGEN-SDK (PLUGIN INTERFACE) You like OXYGEN, but it does not cover all your needs? Customize it! We are proud to announce our new plugin interface, which gives you the possibility to add more software functions on your own. > C++ plugin interface for customization > Add complex mathematical calculations, which are not supported by built-in functions > Use 3rd-party sensors and data sources and bring them into OXYGEN > Output data from OXYGEN via not supported interfaces > Visit us on GitHub and download example code: REPORTING Use OXYGEN for your whole...

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SYNCHRONIZATION Use our TRION-BASE, TRION-TIMING or TRION-VGPS module to acquire data synchronously to other measurement devices. Relative time and absolute time synchronization are supported. >> Absolute time synchronization via PTP (IEEE 1588), GPS and IRIG >> Relative time synchronization via PPS and TRION-SYNC-BUS >> Optional synchronization of operating system time VIDEO INPUT Do you want to record video data additionally to your sensor inputs? No problem with OXYGEN! Use any USB-cam which is supported in Windows 10 or use our synchronized Manta GigE-cam for frame-by-frame synchronous...

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Noise and vibration analysis module for rotating machines. This feature turns your OXYGEN into a full order analysis instrument for calculation and visualization of frequency and order spectra vs. speed. > Simultaneous frequency and order domain analysis > Smart resampling algorithm for accurate and fast results > Selectable speed ranges from 60 to 100.000 rpm > Order resolution from 0.01 to 1, with up to 90 % overlapping > Order extraction for selected orders for use in recorder or XY-instrument > Visualization of the resulting matrix in intensity diagrams POWER ANALYSIS > Analysis of 1-9...

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Calculation module for swept-sine structural analysis like shaker tests. This feature helps you creating bode diagrams of your device under test. > Synchronization from 1 Hz to 20 kHz > Calculation of total and fundamental amplitude and phase > One to many input channels per synchronization source > Visualize amplitude and phase data in a spectrum analyzer instrument as a bode diagram REMOTE CONTROL AND DATA TRANSFER OXYGEN does not only support local operations like other measurement software, but also a remote control for setup, acquisition, and measurement. Different options are...

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Standard CAN does not meet your requirements anymore? Together with Vector CAN adapters and this software option you are ready to use CAN-FD. Data rates up to 8 MBaud can be achieved, with a payload of up to 64 Byte. > Support of Vector VN1610, VN1630 and VN1640 USB-adapters > Use CAN and CAN-FD simultaneously > Software-sync mechanism for advanced timestamp accuracy > CAN-OUT is also supported to send measurement data Longitudinal distance between vehicles: Lateral overlap between vehicles: Manoeuver: CCRb Type_of_test: AEB+FCW Partial_overlap: 100 Lighting_condition: Day BIRD’S EYE...

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Live data processing in your own application? The data stream feature makes it possible! Stream the acquired data (including calculated data like power or statistics) via TCP/IP with high-speed to one or even more applications. > Stream the acquired data via TCP/IP > Configure stream(s) via SCPI-interface for fully remote-control operation > Supports 1 to N streams, individually configurable channel selection Start/Stop measurement. Query, pXYGEN DATA STREAM PLUGIN VI.SOXYQEfrK<H B £333 0 H:B HD B <?Mil v«rsiQn=”l.e"?XAcquisitionIrrf] sxAcquisitionStartxTimestamp format="I$OS0G1" >2019-03-...

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