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Aerospace Solution Guide - 2

DEWETRON has more than 25 years of expertise in measurement engineering and technology. The PC-based systems are suitable for mobile use, modular in design and can therefore be extended as desired. DEWETRON systems are compatible with all common sensors available on the market. Together with our powerful measurement amplifiers, DEWETRON systems will guarantee you accurate, immediate results from your test series. DEWETRON is the market-leading producer of universal test and measurement systems. DEWETRON‘s great strengths are in supplying complete systems that are immediately ready for...

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Aerospace Solution Guide - 3

_▼ PROJECT PLANNING AND CONSULTING DEWETRON systems provide the complete technical solution to test and measurement projects and DEWETRON employees provide a wide range of project planning and data management expertise. As your project partner we are always available to answer questions related to initial project planning, post implementation data management and technical support whenever you need it. Total Quality Management starts with an understanding of what is important to ensure the success of our customers. Our commitment to quality begins with defined technical specifications...

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Aerospace Solution Guide - 4

DEWETRON is a leading global supplier in the field of power measurement. This position is largely shaped by five essential strengths which ensures our customers receive only state-of-the-art products. We go the extra mile! We provide solutions, which simply fit the bill: Our manifold technologies and modular systems allow us to customize your measurement system to your requirements enabling you to maintain a competitive edge. Fast. Flexible. Future-proof. A DEWETRON measurement system is modular in design, which means that components are easily exchanged, customizing the system for...

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Aerospace Solution Guide - 6

MANY TASKS WITH ONE MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY SYNCHRONOUS INPUT SIGNALS ANALOG INPUTS Voltage, current, strain, acceleration, temperature, force, pressure, ... Rotational vibration. Rotary encoder, linear encoder, RPM angle measurement, frequency, duty cycle, period, are only a few examples for counter measurements. Synchronous video input for web cam, thermo cam and high-speed cameras. It can be also synchronous merged into your measurement afterwards. Enables data recording from aircrafts’s ARINC-429 or MIL-1553 buses. Also supports transmitting messages. GPS, IRIG, ABSOLUTE TIMING For basic...

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Aerospace Solution Guide - 7

SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE The centre of DEWETRON data acquisition system (no matter if 8 channel or 1000 channel are required) are the DEWE2 (TRION) or DEWE series (ORION) platforms. All of those platforms can record various analog input signals. No matter, if strain gauge, an accelerations sensor, or a voltage or current input is required, the multipurpose amplifier can handle almost all. USER EXCHANGEABLE MODULES All TRION™ amplifier modules can be changed within a few seconds. Modules in different sampling speed and resolution can be used in one chassis. Use isolated and differential inputs at...

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Aerospace Solution Guide - 8

Signal Conditioning Amplifier Computer inside > Built-in display > Most compact and flexible configuration > Powerful PC inside for fast online displays and analysis > Most convenient for mobile applications > Powerful PC inside for fast online displays and analysis > Can be used with external display > Very popular for applications where the instrument is installed in a poorly accessible place for the user > High-speed data transfer > To be used with an external computer > Expansion for All-in-one or Mainframe instruments > Multiple units can be daisy-chained _▼ SIGNAL CONDITIONING 1 >...

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Aerospace Solution Guide - 9

The typical environment for engine testing is in control rooms or on ground tests. - Due to redundant power supplies, DEWETRON instruments like the DEWE2-M13 provide high reliability for expensive test cases. > Voltage > Temperature > RPM > Strain > Pressure > Force > Vibrations > Fuel flow > Run-up and run-down > Steady speed engine profiles > Load tests > Fuel consumption > Sound > Vibration > High reliability for expensive test cases with redundant power supplies > Up to 128 static temperature channels additionally > Synchronized video capabilities

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Aerospace Solution Guide - 10

All objects are tested under normal flight conditions (during in-flight operation). TYPICAL INPUTS > Voltage > Temperature > RPM > Strain > Vibrations > Fuel flow > ARINC 429 > MIL-STD-1553 > CAN bus YOUR BENEFITS Fully automated test routines can be performed as well as operator supervised operation. Due to highest vibration ratings and superior ruggedness, our instruments are predestined for in flight testing. Distributed measurement locations combined into one synchronised data file. BATTERY POWER Battery powered measurement acts totally independently from the airplane’s on board system,...

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Aerospace Solution Guide - 11

TORSIONAL AND ROTATIONAL VIBRATION Rotating machines and engines are sources of rotational and torsional vibration. Rotational vibration is a result of the change in shaft speed during one revolution and torsional vibration is due to angular twist in the shaft or drive train which may cause fatigue. So you will observe: vibration, force, strain, voltage, current, power, CAN data and rotational-and torsional vibration with only one instrument at the same time. _▼ YOUR BENEFITS > Time domain measurement > Angle based view > Additional to all other functions (analog, CAN, GPS, video, ...) >...

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Aerospace Solution Guide - 12

Models of proposed aircraft, engines or components are aerodynamically tested using a variety of sensors options. TYPICAL INPUTS > Acceleration > Pressure > Load > Displacement > Torque > Tilt angle > Temperature _▼ YOUR BENEFITS Fully scalable systems provide variable input configurations for 100s or 1000s channels of accelerometers (IEPE) or strain gauges (bridge input) totally synced to further analog, digital or video inputs.

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Aerospace Solution Guide - 13

MAINTENANCE & REPAIR Maintenance and repair are typically done in the airplane hangar. Especially portable measurement instruments with infrared camera are a big advantage in this environment. TYPICAL TESTS BATTERY POWER YOUR BENEFITS Various systems according to maintenance schedule (power, engine, hydraulics, aviation, …) Battery powered measurement acts totally independently from the airplane’s on board system, thus giving 100 % reliable measurement results. Hot-swappable batteries for continuous operation without an external power source for hours. Battery power Portable system Multiple...

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