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Fingerprint Scanner ZF10 Best-value fingerprint identification. Key Benefit The best-value plain tenprint, single print and rolled fingerprint scanner. Outstanding Features > Space saving dimensions of 6 inch footprint > Liveness detection to prevent attacks Key Benefit using fake fingers The best-value plain tenprint, single print > Automatic Fingerprint Segmentation and rolled fingerprint scanner.

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DERMALOG ZF10 – unchallenged image quality – way ahead of its time. The trustable solution for a large scale fingerprint identification system. The ZF10 is suitable for use in various environments and applications including border control, electronic ID and passport issuing as well as voters registration and verification. Moreover it can be used for security documents, such as visa. A large scanning window assures easy to process images. Latest optics garantee the best possible image quality for plain ten-prints and single prints as well as for rolled fingerprints. Product Features >...

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Technical Features

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