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t-rsy VRFID/ Document Scanner XF3 For reliable Border Control. Outstanding Features > Authenticity verification > Automated document detection > Compensating external light occurring during UV image capturing > RFID tag reading > Barcode Recognition and reading (1D/2D) Key Benefit A small sized reader for an easy processing. The device allows capturing images in white, infrared, ultraviolet and coaxial lights and is equipped for reading RFID.

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Multi-document reading, including RFID – the DERMALOG XF3. Product Features > Authenticity verification > RFID tag reading > Full page document scanning > Automated document detection > Glare suppression for infrared light and white light A robust and easy to operate security device. The DERAMLOG XF3 is intended for the automatic reading and authenticity verification of passports, ID Cards, Visa and further documents. It provides the capability of text data recognition, reading barcodes, and RFID tags. Using infrared, UV-Light and MRZ recognition the XF3 professionalizes Border Control...

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XF3 - 3

Technical Features Active scan area 125 mm x 88 mm (4.92" x 3.46") White front light (side optional) Infrared 870 nm front light (side optional) Illumination sources Infrared 950 nm front light * Ultraviolet 365 nm * Coaxial white * Image resolution 500 dpi Provided images Visible, IR, UV (optional), glare-free image (Visible and IR) Image formats BMP JPG, JPG2000, PNG, TIF, others upon request Reading Capability Automatic document detection yes MRZ reading In conformity with ICAO 9303 for Type ID-1, ID-2, ID-3 MRZ and ISO IEC 18013 (IDL) 1D: Codabar, Code39 (+extended), Code93, Code128,...

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