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All-in-One Scanner VF1 for fingerprints, ePassports, ID Cards, signatures, flight tickets, barcodes, photos etc. Fingerprint Scanner Passport Flight Ticket Document Scanner Key Benefits The DERMALOG VF1 is the world's first scanner for biometrics and documents. BOTH fingerprints and documents can be scanned now using one single device. The VF1 is ideal for intergration into eGates, kiosks and mobile units. One single device can now capture fingerprints, passports, flight tickets, signatures etc.

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Fingerprint Scan Features > Fingerprint scan (4-4-2) for plain tenprints, fourprints and twoprints > Capturing rolled fingerprints The world’s first combined scanner for fingerprints and documents. > Fingerprint Liveness Detection for each finger The DERMALOG’s VF1 is the world’s first multipurpose scanner for fingerprints and ePassports capturing both using the same device. DERMALOGs latest sensor technology results in one single device for both. For the first time all capabilities of an optical tenprint scanner (4-4-2 scanner) and a full color passport scanner (with RFID) are fully...

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Document Scan Features > Passport and ePassports scan > ID Cards and eID cards scan > RFID scan The scanner for ePassports, ID Cards, signatures, flight tickets, money, photos and numerous documents of your choice. The DERMALOG VF1 is the perfect solution for national registration, automated border control, passenger management and commercial purposes within the banking sector. It is easy to integrate into existing solutions and self-explanatory to every user. > Bar code scan e.g. Flight tickets > Arrival/Departure cards scan > Photo scan > Money scan > Cheques scan > Auto rotation of...

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Specifications All-in-One Scanner VF1 Mobile: All-in-One Device Fingerprint scanning window size Optical scanning area Image resolution tenprint scanner/ 4-4-2 scanner for plain and rolled fingerprints, signature and documents Raw fingerprint image file size Weight (including USB cable) Operating temperature Storage temperature Light source Infrared light-emitting diode (LED) + VIS + UV external AC adapter with 1.8m cable, 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.6A DERMALOG VF1in a Mobile Case. The world’s first combined scanner – now packed into a handy case. Verification (1:1) and identification (1:N) when...

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