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Avionics Solutions Provider | Worldwide Dealer Network | Engineering-Manufacturing Latest Product From DAC International The Model GDC75/75A, P/N 1116-4000-01/-11, are lowcost ARINC 429 data bus devices used in conjunction with your Apple® iPad or iPhone (iPad/iPhone and Lightning cable not included) to display or analyze the data on an ARINC 429 bus. The iPad or iPhone must have a Lightning connector and iOS 9.X software or newer. ARINC 429 buses can contain multiple equipment id’s which produce different parameters. The DAC bus reader allows the user to select the configuration to properly interpret each label on the bus. The Data bus Analyzer allows the user to transmit selected labels and data to test other equipment inputs on the bus. The GDC75/75A is a portable and lightweight alternative to otherwise expensive test equipment required to test aircraft digital data buses. Download the free DAC bus reader apps from the Apple® app store. Connect your iPad or iPhone to an Apple® approved USB to Lightning cable and to the USB port on the GDC75/75A to read ARINC labels produced by many aircraft systems or transmit labels required to test other equipment inputs on the bus. The DAC bus reader app allows users to read all labels on the connected bus, select label configuration and log the incoming ARINC data to a file for review. The Bus analyzer App allows the same as the reader but also a means to put data on the bus. For more information about this and other DAC products visit our web site at 6702 McNeil Drive, Austin, Texas 78729 | P. 800.527.2531 (U.S. only) | 512.331.5323 | Apple, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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