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Currawong ENGINEERING Mini High Pressure Fuel Pump CE370 Datasheet Voltage: Current: Pressure: Flow Rate: Description This miniature fuel pump is the new generation of high performance, single piston pumps developed by Currawong. It is of aerospace quality and is very suitable for use in the UAV industry. The pump is the jewel in the crown of Currawong's EFI system. The piston-based design provides a high performance, low leakage pump operating with less than 1 Watt average power consumption. Its compact, low weight design allows integration into small UAV platforms. Length: 33 mm (1.2") The pump can be supplied in a number of configurations depending on the flow rate required. Each variation uses a different motor/gearbox configuration to provide the required flow rate and other properties. (Note: there are minor appearance differences in these pumps depending on the size of the motor/gearbox that has been used.) Features • Smaller, lighter than other fuel pumps for use in EFI • Positive displacement piston pump • Self priming • Body acts as built-in header tank • Pumps efficiently to near vapour limit of fuel • Low power consumption (<1W average) • All pumps fully tested with 8-hour run-in, continuous flow rate measurement and pressure check • Compatible with gasoline, JP5, JP8, JET-A • Compact, low weight design • All aluminium body • Directly compatible with Currawong ECU • Horizontal or vertical mount Performance 8 - 20 V operation 80 - 90 mA (4 bar, 15 V) 3 bar (44 psi) nominal Standard options: 35, 48, 64 and 120g/min @ 3 bar, custom configurations available 700 hours (rated minimum) A performance chart of one of the pump variants (CE370-02) is shown below

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