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Corvid-50 Engine CE1224 Datasheet Specifications Engine Type: Displacement: Weight: Power Output: Fuel Consumption: Generator Output: Air-cooled 2-stroke single 50cc 2.5kg (5.4lb) (bare engine and generator, excluding low noise exhaust) 2.9kW (3.9HP) at 7000 RPM 450 g/kW-hr (0.74 lb/hp-hr) at cruise 250W (500W intermittent duty cycle) Features  DA-50 engine as its base  Stall-resistant throttle response  Significantly expanded throttle-RPM envelope  Full EFI suite including automotive-quality ECU processor, self-priming fuel pump, ignition, sensors, injector and custom intake, all with over 40,000 hours on UAV platforms Description The Corvid-50 (known as the B50i engine in the US) is the newest two stroke engine system codeveloped by Currawong and Power4Flight. Based on the Desert Aircraft DA-50, it features a custom throttle body, starter generator, inlet manifold and integrated isolation mount. It utilises Currawong’s mature electronic fuel injection system and has an optional low noise exhaust (as pictured above). The Corvid-50 engine package includes:              base DA-50 engine with modified crankcase induction system with manifold and throttle body CDI ignition system miniature engine control unit (ECU) self priming fuel pump super atomising fuel injector manifold and cylinder head temperature sensors crank sensors generator (optional) low noise exhaust (optional) power supply (optional) soon to be released on board starting feature detailed operation and service manual  The EFI system is plug-and-play compatible with Cloud Cap Technology’s Piccolo Autopilot as well as having a documented API for CAN and Serial  Integrated generator for use in powering the EFI system and providing power to charge on-board batteries and other electrical and electronic devices  Excellent reliability – the EFI system maintains optimal engine operating parameters in all regimes of flight. No more problems with carburetor icing, top-of-climb engine stalls or incorrect fuel-air ratios, regardless of the conditions  Ability to be started from cold between -20°C and +50°C (~0°F and 120°F)  Reduced BSFC compared with carbureted engines of similar capacity  Improved power output compared carbureted engines of similar capacity  Low noise exhaust option Co-developed and distributed in the US & Canada by:

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Corvid-50 Engine Performance Low Noise Exhaust Fuel Flow BSFC g/min (Ib/hr) g/kW-hr (Ib/hp-hr)

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