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Currawong ENGINEERING cEQUIP Product Interface CE630 Datasheet Description cEQUIP is a powerful software toolset providing complete monitoring, control and configuration of Currawong's electronic products. The software is provided free of charge to Currawong's customers. A Unified Solution cEQUIP connects to all products in the Currawong CAN avionics architecture, as well as supporting devices utilising RS232 and Ethernet. With capability for simultaneous feedback and control of multiple devices in the aircraft, it is easier than ever to understand the operation of the entire system. Real-time Telemetry cEQUIP parses and displays all telemetry available on the CAN bus, giving instant and highly visible feedback of critical data for each device, coupled with a fully customisable graphing interface. Powerful Logging Data and CAN traffic can be logged with millisecond accurate timestamping. Selectable rates, variables and output formats result in readable and accurate output for later analysis. The software also provides an interface for the download and analysis of in-flight recording data from Currawong products. Complete Configuration of Devices Currawong products are highly configurable and cEQUIP provides a user friendly interface to set and check values at a glance, including telemetry periods, CAN identifiers and device specific settings. In-Place Updates and Error Reporting cEQUIP facilitates updating the firmware of Currawong devices over the CAN bus, eliminating the need to access or remove the device from the airframe. Integrated check summing and error reporting ensure the consistency of configuration and calibration values between devices and rapid identification of failing or incorrectly configured units. System and Hardware Requirements cEQUIP requires Windows XP or later. For CAN connectivity, Currawong provides the CE949 Avionics Hub, providing a robust isolated CAN to USB interface and power, CAN and RS232 connectivity to all devices in the aircraft. Other proprietary CAN adapters are also supported, such as the SYS TEC USB-CANmodul. Please contact Currawong to discuss integration of cEQUIP with your existing hardware. CE630.d01 Issue Date: 28 April 2016

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