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CurrawongENGINEERING CBS-15 CAN Servo CE985 Datasheet Performance Voltage Range: Current Capability: Torque: Speed: Angular Range: Control Frequency: Temperature Range: Dimensions: Weight: Description The CBS-15 CAN instrumented servo provides a complete closed-loop actuator system for use in unmanned aerial vehicles. It features a high-frequency current-limiting feedback system, which is fully user configurable. Servo control is provided over a high-speed CAN connection, fully compatible with the Piccolo series of autopilots and tightly integrated with the Currawong range of products. With a fully documented command set, it is ready to be integrated into other platforms with a simple protocol specification. In addition to high speed CAN control of the servo position, real-time feedback of servo position, current, temperature and other data is available (at user configurable rates) over CAN. Each servo also features accelerometer-based vibration sensing, which provides a vibration analysis system distributed around the aircraft, with this data available via CAN. Accelerometer data can be sampled at up to 1 kHz for high-resolution vibration data. In-built data logging is supported and can be controlled manually or driven by various internal trigger sources such as over-current or vibration events. A variety of user-configurable warning thresholds (such as current, vibration and position error) provide vital real-time diagnostic information for configuring and monitoring the health of the aircraft. Features • High speed control over CAN • Individually addressable servos with broadcast addressing supported • Real time feedback of multiple parameters • Internal current measurement and limiting • User-configurable input/output mapping for custom linearisation of control surfaces • Accelerometer data with real-time vibration analysis • High quality construction with all-metal body and gearing • Seamless integration with Piccolo autopilot • Compatible with Pixhawk/APM via UAVCAN • Fully documented command set for integration with third party systems • PC control software for servo control and configuration • Full suite of graphing / logging / data analysis tools • Fault monitoring and analysis • Gear-wear diagnostics for servo health monitoring • Servo keeps track of run-time information • Internal high-speed data logging Distributed in the US & Canada by: POWER^FLIGHT CE985.d02 Issue Date: 23 Apr 2018

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