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Every Minute Counts RADARVIEW Precise information for ground handling staff Aircraft handling is a matter of time and precision… Every minute costs money! Are your current information about the aircraft you are in charge of precise enough? Movement data are no longer precise and complete enough! Make use of RadarView The best information precision, sophisticated prediction and data visualisation. Each part of ground handling staff needs precise and up-to-date information about their aircraft position and status. „Movement“ based data are not precise any longer to stand the 21st century challenges. • Improve your management and coordination • Reduce inefficient and error-prone voice communication • Enhance your staff efficiency • Save your operating costs • Start Real Time Control of Human Resources

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RADAR V IEW DISPLAY EXA MPLE REPLAY The current A/C location before landing and take-off Precise and updated time until landing The current apron before landing DIVERSION I diversion of the flight from its destination Display of the airport a flight is diverted to Individual configuration and setting Radar situation replay Display of the airport and aprons Display of the A/C even when the responder is off THE APRON DETAILS I the ground situation Ground times of airline‘s aircraft De-icing aprons and the A/C order for de-icing TOBT times Responder-equipped devices (push back, follow me,...

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