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Do you need to share sensitive surveillance data collected in your ATC system with your partners or clients? RadarData Distributor can help you with this task by provision of a comprehensive distribution process (data sorting and filtration) and multistage/multilevel data security. MAIN FEATURES Full control over the distributed data Providers of information get safe tool, which enables them to distribute necessary information in the right format and time to selected recipients. Therefore, we ensure to minimize the risk of data abuse or damage. Moreover, additon of the other CSS product RadarView restricts access of recipients to the source data, thus enabling even more data security. Archiving and processed data availability The product offers access to archive of processed data for later use. It enables the provider or recipient to replay and analyse the stored information. This feature can be exceptionally useful when dealing with third parties such as official authorities (e.g. the Civili Aviation Authority). Recorded data are easily eccessible evidence when needed. Data may be stored from any port. Low costs of additional functionality development or product adjustment The modular architecture of the system allows local adjustments in separate functional units without interfering into the other system parts which means that further development of system SW features is safer and less complicated, thus cheaper. Moreover, the distributed modular architecture can increase the product performance by simpl y allocating the system modules on additional servers. Reduction of operating cost The unified information distribution system reduces administration, opera-tins, maintenance, and development costs. Connection of several RadarData Distributor products in a single network can help you to create comprehensive distribution scheme while reducing or maintaining low fixed and operating costs. The systems does not require advanced HW devices and can run on regular HW platform. ASTERIX CAT 001,008, 011,020, 021,048, 062, easy extension of any other data format). • Integration and separation of data channels. Additional information may be attached, e.g. ETA update, apron number, etc. • Distribution of unknown data formats is possible (without the filtration functionality). • Data storage for later use (replay, analysis, statistics, as a delayed source, export, etc.). • A wide range of transport data protocols (UDP UC/BC/MC, TCP, TCP SafeComm) ensures the independence on the type of the data line. • Administration and management of output data channels and their recipients. • Dual solution (hot backup) for non-stop system operation. • Detailed view of distribution channels and system status provided by SNMP interface. • Modular solution enables distribution among several servers and easy system enhancement (transport protocols, application data formats, filters and transition filters). Secured information distribution from provider to recipient (SafeComm - HW or SW encoding RSA/AES, IP filtration). • Content-based selection of the information provided to individual recipients by system of filters allows controlled access to sensitive data. It is ensured that recipients can only see the data they are allowed to see. • Output data transformation into a suitable format (transformation filters). • A wide choice of pre-defined application data formats with a possibility of completion (currently

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