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FDPS - 1

Control Your Territory CSS FDPS System module for Flight Data Processing (FDP) and Aeronautical Information System (AIS) System provides all of the functionality expected from a modern FDP system in one package. It also provides HMI applications needed for communication with the users, such as flight data operator, watch supervisor ACC (Area Control center), APP (Approach Control Unit), TWR (Aerodrome Control Tower), RGA (regional airports) and FIC (Flight Information Center) controllers. FDPS STATUS AUA308B EKCH LOWW A321 HDO A STUT EDDH HELX A320 HDO ODNEM Paper Strips RADAR TRACK

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FDPS - 2

you to compile and distribute almost all AFTN messages as well. OLDI complying with Eurocontrol standards Adjustable to your local needs. FPL track for procedural control System generates FPL track with position predicted from the flight plan and corrected by last reported position. This enables procedural control in areas without radar coverage. Seamless integration into your environment High level of modularity, flexibility and customizability makes CSS FDPS easy to integrate into your ATC system. Easy setting of interoperability Interoperability is defined in custom "data set", thus...

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