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cotool Development environment for creating tools for analysis of surveillance data A remarkable IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with a toolset for radar data analysis. It allows extracting and analyzing radar data for information, by other means inaccessible, of operating and technical types, which are available for process tuning and optimization. For example: • Statistical information (operating taxiway and airport facilities load, apron utilization, aircraft behaviour, overloading, breach of rules). • Technical information (radar data quality tracking, comparing with other surveillance sources). • Information useful for air traffic methodologists (how to optimize airspace load, route planning). Efficient analysis tools development Thanks to a number of pre-prepared functional modules, every effort at the tool development is devoted to input analysis itself. For the activities such as input data reception, decoding, filtration, information storage, time extrapolation, etc.; the pre-prepared modules can be used immediately. Open development architecture The IDE contains API and development templates for creating new functional modules or revising existing ones. The developer uses a ready-made template and can concentrate mainly on functional features of the module. Newly developed modules can be re-used in analysis tools development, if necessary. Architecture of data flow processing The architecture built on data flow processing is intelligible and transparent for developers. By convenient linking of simple functional modules, it allows to implement even a complex analysis application in a simple and transparent way. Graphical presentation tool Graphical presentation interface, a part of Cotool environment, can project analyzed data or analysis results in a user-friendly interface. CS SOFT support • Development teams training. • Provides users with support and counseling for module development and its linking into application. • Producing functional modules according to the client's requirements. • Producing analysis tools according to the client's requirements. • Analysis processing according to the client's requirements. • Modular system based on stream processing of data flow. • A large number of pre-prepared functional modules for straightforward use for input/output, coding/ decoding of data protocols, transformation, time extrapolation, data storage, replay, DB access, graphic display. • Easy to create other functional modules. • Compatible with the data distribution RadarData Distributor. Pre-prepared analysis tools (functional examples of use) • CaCTool - compares the identification received from the aircraft with the surveillance information source. • PoCTool - compares the position information received from the aircraft with the reference surveillance source. • DaCTool - verification of credibility and operational suitability of DAP information from Mode-S transponders. • Analysis progress display on a brief GUI. • Storage of analysis results in a database. • Web access for the presentation of database stored results. Display tool • Receives data from up to 8 independent data access inputs - possible to increase. • Radar information display in 3D view. • Meteorological information display (ASTERIX CAT 008). • Radar map display. • Analysis tools - display of surveillance report details, measuring, use

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