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ALS Air Traffic Control System


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ALS Air Traffic Control System - 1

ALS Air Traffic Control SystemComprehensive and Extremely Flexible ATM Solution Deployment Flexibility The system can be implemented for use in: • En-route control (ACC) • Approach (APP) • Tower control (TWR) The system may be also used as a Backup system to your already existing solution. Inter-operation Flexibility ALS's open architecture and modularity enables seamless integration to your existing environment according to your interoperability requirements. This makes future upgrades and enhancements easy to apply. Customization Flexibility ALS features a unique con -cept of parameterization, which makes this solution easily adap -table to your specific operating needs. Team of ATC experts is ready to tailor the system with full re -spect to your local situation and habits with all the possible comfort for your ATCOs. CS SOFT is certified by IQNet and CQS for processes of Software administration, Development, Design and Supplies of Aeronautical Ground Facilities and ATM equipment maintanance. CS SOFT is certified by Civil Aviation Authority of Czech Republic to design and develope Air Traffic Management Systems. CS SOFT has achieved the level of CITECT SILVER INTEGRATOR for the year 2005. -CSSOFT | YOU ARE SAFE WITH US ATM SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT SINCE 1988 WWW.CS-SOFT.CZ

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ALS Air Traffic Control System - 2

Comprehensive ATM solution Ready to cover your operating needs for TWR, APP and/or ACC instantly and completely. It consists of the fol lowing essential modules: SDPS Tracker FDPS Coupler CWS Consoles Strip presentation FDO positions Supervisor position Data Set module REC-Playback Monitoring and Control Safety Nets All data (radar and non-radar) accessible from both Controllers' positions Both ATCOs - EC and PLC can access the same functio -nalities. This results in better substitutability and operatio -nal safety. Degradation resistant CWS CWS takes over a number of server...

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ALS Air Traffic Control System - 3

CFMU MET S OIDI MILSYS Safety Nets FDPS Flight Data Functions TECHNICAL FEATURES Reliability and Robustness High availability and reliability of the system is supported by hardware redundancy and quick software switching. Sophisticated two-way AFTN module The AFTN Daemon does not only process incoming AFTN messages, but enables you to compile and distribute all kinds of AFTN messages as well. Open architecture ALS's open architecture allows tailor-made solutions which may be gradually developed and changed according to your operating needs. Surveillance data flexibility Module...

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ALS Air Traffic Control System - 4

Let your ATM system grow together with your staff's skills Open ALS architecture allows to start out with a basic version and to add enhanced and special features as your staff grow. COSTS SAVING FEATURES Stripless environment CDM (Collaborative decision making) DMAN (Departure manager) 1||||H MTCD (Medium term conflict detection) 4D Trajectory with A/C performance paper strips + radar Example of Step-by-step scenario Step-by-step functionality enhancement As CS SOFT software is developed with a close co-operation with active ATCOs, we have gained a great experience with step-by-step system...

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