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About 4D_Additive 1.2 For this new version, our development team focused on two modules in particular: > The Textures module which now offers you: color, transitions and overlays management. > The Lattices module which has been considerably enriched with the creation of lattice structures. The overall performance of the software has been improved and the interfaces have been updated to support the latest versions of the formats. GLOBAL NEWS a Move&Rotate is available in Support workshop a Check Internal Backlashes is available in Modeling workshop a Selection of faces belonging to same fillet via contextual menu a Added new cut mode: cut by polyline a Added an offset preview for Cut and CreatePlug tools TEXTURE MODULE NEWS a Added a search field a Added file explorer allowing work by project a Global and local manipulation to easier placement of your texture a Added protractor allowing texture rotation and keep in memory these positions a Choice of deformation mode for overprint texture: Addition, Gradient, Overwritten a Choice of transition mode: Smooth, Round, Chamfer a Added texture labelling function: Create text texture with parameters as X/Y/Z increment, bounding box/position/Center of gravity, Date. INTERFACES MODULE NEWS a .Step export is now available a Add Rhino reading .3dm a .SLI Export: Added option to save in multiple file NESTING MODULE NEWS a Added possibility to avoid interlocking parts a Added management of massive part with material repartition a Generation of html report with material distribution a Added possibility to customize nesting parameters for each model PRINT TESSELLATION MODULE NEWS a Export color of tessellation with .obj format a Simplification of tessellation for lattice and hollowing a Choice of print tessellation computation: bump map only, color only, bump map and color LATTICES MODULE NEWS a New shape for lattice: Gyroid, Lidinoid, GSkeletal MODEL TREE MODULE NEWS a Add Mass Properties at group level Release note 4D_Additive 1.2 | Juillet

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LISTE DES INTERFACES DISPONIBLES INTERFACES Interfaces d'impression 3D 3MF (3mf) AMF (amf) OBJ (obj) STL (stl) Interfaces de CAO standards IGES (igs/iges) STEP (step/stp) Interfaces CAO natives Acis (sat/sab) CADDS / CAMU (pd/ps) CATIA V4 (model/dlv/exp/session) CATIA V5 (CATPart/CATProduct/CATDrawing/cgr) CATIA V6 (3Dxml) Creo / Pro/ENGINEER (prt/asm/xpr/xas) DGN (dgn) DWG (dwg) FBX (fbx) I-DEAS (arc/unv) Inventor (iam/ipt) Jt Format (jt) XT Format (x_t/xmt_txt/x_b) RHINO Open Nurbs (3dm) Siemens NX (asm/prt) SOLIDWORKS (sldprt/sldasm/prt/asm/slddrw) CATIA® est une marque trademark of...

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SLICE EXPORT FORMATS Release note 4D_Additive 1.2 | Juillet

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