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TPR-901 - 1

TPR-901-205/225 transponders: Meeting the most stringent ADS-B mandates. Many regions around the world have mandated the operation of Mode S transponders that are compliant to DO-260, DO-260A or DO-260B to meet the needs of ADS-B Out in their airspace. The Rockwell Collins TPR-901-205/225 transponders (for Boeing and Airbus platforms, respectively) are the most reliable and capable available. Rockwell Collins has a long history with transponder development. The TPR-901 was created in 2007 to satisfy the new Mode S Elementary Surveillance functionality required for operation in Europe. With the emergence of DO-260B, Rockwell Collins has created a software-only upgrade to the TPR-901. It provides a quick and affordable way to comply with mandates in Europe and the United States. The TPR-901 also can be used as a drop-in replacement to other federated transponders that don’t comply with DO-260B, without changing the antenna or aircraft wiring. KEY FEATURES > TSO-C112e and TSO-C166b compliant > DO-178, levels B and D > Qualified to DO-160E > 24-bit ICAO aircraft address > Transponder capability report, including SI code capability > Altitude reporting > Automatic reporting of aircraft identification (flight ID) > Flight status (airborne/ground) The TPR-901 is certified on all Boeing and Airbus platforms and is available to meet your surveillance needs. Rockwell Collins Building trust every day

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TPR-901 - 2

SURVEILLANCE REQUIREMENTS ARE EMERGING IN NEARLY EVERY REGION OF THE WORLD The TPR-901 has been certified with various Traffic Collision and Avoidance Systems (TCASs) as well as various GNSS position sources. It provides the integration capability necessary to meet mandate requirements. Additionally, the TPR-901, coupled with the Rockwell Collins TTR-2100 TCAS computer, provides the basis for advanced ADS-B features. These include ADS-B In and associated traffic applications such as Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI), Visual Separation on Approach (VSA) and In-Trail Procedures...

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