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Sweep-On® 2000™ crew oxygen mask system


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One hand, five seconds - that’s all it takes to don our Sweep-On® 2000™ Crew Mask. Rockwell Collins’ Sweep-On® 2000 crew oxygen mask system enhances pilot safety and comfort and provides stowability, and ease of maintenance. When pilots face an emergency, we help you get back to the business of flying fast. Easy on, easy adjustment The Sweep-On 2000’s military style face seal gives superior sealing on a wide range of face shapes and sizes. Several optional features include a non-invasive communication system providing clear audio transmission through deactivation of user microphone during inhalation. Other features include an adjustable harness for customized mask fit, pressure indicators and a variety of oxygen and audio connectors. Additionally, an auto-dilution port is offered which allows the user to wear the mask while consuming only cabin air thus conserving the available oxygen. The system is TSO approved for automatic pressure breathing up to 45,000 feet. Adjustable oxygen delivery TSO certified up to 45,000 feet, the mask features a demand regulator that operates in three modes - NORM, 100% and EMER - with a single knob. In the NORM (normal/ diluter) position, the regulator provides supplemental oxygen based on cabin altitude. At lower altitudes, ambient air enters the regulator and mixes with the oxygen to conserve the oxygen supply. As cabin altitude increases, the regulator reduces the percentage of ambient air coming in until 100-percent oxygen is supplied to the user. The 100% setting will supply 100 percent oxygen to the user regardless of altitude. The EMER mode provides 100 percent oxygen with a positive pressure to prevent gas contaminants from entering the mask. Flexible stowage options Masks can be stored in a stowage container or space-saving stowage cup. The stowage container enables crew to test the masks without removing them. Our accompanying smoke goggles -which can be provided with their own stowage container - easily fit a variety of face shapes and over eyeglasses, and can be donned over the crew mask while continuing to perform necessary functions. The inner surface of the polycarbonate lens is treated with an anti-fogging agent, while the outside lens is abrasion resistant. When used with the Sweep-On 2000 crew mask, the goggles have TSO-C99 authorization. Additionally, when the goggles are added, a purge valve blows a small amount of oxygen toward the lens to clear any fogging. KEY FEATURES > Adjustable tension harness for comfort control > Single-knob regulator mode control > In-situ press to test stowage feature > Clear audio transmission > Auto-dilution port for reduced oxygen consumption KEY BENEFITS > Simplifies oxygen mode selection > Expedites pre-flight testing > Protects against hypoxia and toxic smoke > Reduces fatigue while wearing with comfort adjustment > Fully TSO approved Rockwell Collins Building trust everyday

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CREW MASK AND REGULATOR Model Building trust every day. For more information, contact: Rockwell Collins delivers innovative aviation and high-integrity solutions to commercial and government customers worldwide. Backed by a global network of service and support, we stand committed to putting technology and practical innovation to work for you whenever and wherever you need us. In this way, working together, we build trust. Every day. Rockwell Collins 10800 Pflumm Road Lenexa, KS 66215 USA Ph: +1.913.338.9800 Fax: +1.913.469.8419 Rockwell Collins 147-1857-000 09/17 ©...

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