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Head-up Guidance System (HGS™)


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The industry leader. The Rockwell Collins Head-up Guidance System (HGS™) leads the industry in system performance, integrity and reliability. Many of the world’s premier airline, corporate and military operators rely on our HGS for precision flight path guidance, energy management and increased safety. The reason for our success is simple: Rockwell Collins HGS provides operational, safety and economic benefits that are crucial for your professional flight operations. IMPROVED SITUATIONAL AWARENESS Situational awareness is critical for pilots. Requirements for navigation performance and precision flight are increasing. The new global air traffic environment is placing additional demands on pilots through all phases of flight. Our HGS combines an advanced head-up display with a powerful high-integrity computer to give the pilot essential flight information and guidance throughout all phases of flight. The pilot views critical flight data on the transparent combiner in the forward field of view. The pilot’s vision is out of the cockpit, focused at infinity, not captured by head-down activity. Key basic features of the HGS include recovery guidance in the event of unusual occurrences (TCAS alerts, unusual attitudes, windshear), flare guidance during all approaches, and low visibility takeoff and approach guidance. ALL WEATHER CAPABILITY HGS can reduce takeoff and landing minima, offering improved operational effectiveness and mission completion. Airlines have found the investment in HGS not only saves money, but also results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Rockwell Collins Building trust every day

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HGS BENEFITS >> Cat III approach and landing capability 50 feet DH, RVR 600 feet (200 meters) >> Low visibility takeoff capability RVR 300 feet (75 meters) >> Lower Cat I minima RVR 1600 feet (450 meters) >> Constant view of aircraft flight path and energy state >> Precise speed and acceleration control >> Improved touchdown precision, especially on non-ILS “Black Hole” approaches >> Unusual attitude recovery display >> TCAS resolution advisory display >> Windshear recovery display >> Runway remaining and deceleration cues >> Military mission-specific symbology available >> Raster-capable...

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