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ARINC SelfPass™ biometric solutions


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ARINC SelfPass™ biometric solutions B E GOOD COM PANY O N THEIR J OUR NEY Creating passenger satisfaction through operational excellence

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Our ARINC SelfPass™ biometric solutions provide individual and mutual benefit to airlines, airports and passengers. Using biometrics at touchpoints throughout the airport creates a seamless, stress-free and even safer experience for travelers - from check-in to destination. With passenger traffic continuing to rise steadily year over year, SelfPass will help airlines and airports deliver a differentiating brand while optimizing operations and staffing to drive revenue. LOUNGE ACCESS BOARDING GATE SECURITY SCREENING SELFPASS MOBILE ENROLLMENT

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SelfPass eliminates reliance on humans to flag discrepancies between passengers and their travel documents. It uses biometrics to heighten security and keep people moving at touchpoints throughout airline operations. SelfPass enables biometric verification at every touchpoint of the passenger journey to reduce queues and increase valuable dwell time in the airport. With less need for personnel to reduce queues at key touchpoints, airlines have greater staffing flexibility. Because it’s an independent system, integrating SelfPass with any existing infrastructure is incredibly straight...

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