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ARINC SelfDrop™ One and two-step verification options With more and more passenger check-ins taking place away from traditional airline counters, self-service is dominating how we travel today. Keeping people moving quickly and safely from wherever they are to the gate enables airlines and airports alike to improve the passenger experience while operating more cost-effectively. The Collins Aerospace ARINC SelfDropTM unites these priorities and helps provide seamless passenger flow. Whether it's through kiosks at the airport, rental car agencies, in hotels, convention centers or even on cruise ships - we're keeping the travel industry moving. KEY FEATURES • Simple plug-and-play re-fit or retro-fit appliances (only power and internet required) Configurable as tagged or untagged, ARINC SelfDrop is fast and simple for passengers. We offer both dedicated and common-use solutions with next-generation technology that fosters efficiencies throughout operations, which can help increase security and revenue. Fewer lines, less manpower and more available real estate helps airlines and airports realize new opportunities. • Seamless support for one-step and two-step bag drop operations • Passenger verification for fully-unattended bag drop • Bag tag verification to stop untagged and incorrectly tagged bags from injection • Supports printed and digital (mobile, near field) boarding passes and bag tags • Support for point-to-point, codeshare, consolidated and interline flights • Generate direct revenue with unique common-use PCI-compliant excess baggage payments solution • Universal bag drop with dynamic branding and without switching application Model shown: Two-step F series ARINC SelfDrop kiosk Collins Aerospace

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ARINC SelfDropTM B I O M E T R I C I N T E G R AT I O N The ARINC SelfDrop solution includes a two-step biometric integration process that offers airports a secure and consistent approach to reviewing passenger documents and enabling a more seamless, end-to-end trip through an airport. One-step M series ARINC SelfDropTM in use at Napoli International Airport • Improve ROI from your terminal equipment • Fast transaction speeds for tagged and untagged bags • Improve passenger experience • Reduce lines and increase airside dwell time • Reduce complexity and replace IT infrastructure with...

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