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Airshow® ASXi high-definition interactive moving maps - 4 Pages

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Airshow® ASXi high-definition interactive moving maps

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Airshow® ASXi high-definition interactive moving maps A LEAP F ORWAR D IN TECHNOLOGY F OR YOUR CAB IN Crisp, high-definition views – including 4K – and inviting new featur

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Now, whenever you fly, surround yourself with advanced capability that beautifully complements the luxury of your cabin. Our Airshow® ASXi high-definition interactive moving maps add sophisticated views all along your flight path. Airshow ASXi is designed to offer the exceptional clarity that makes the most of your high-definition and 4K cabin displays. It also offers more of the in-flight information you prefer. THE VIEWS ARE SPECTACULAR FROM HERE A more vivid world comes to your displays – With its Landsat 7 Mapset, our Airshow ASXi enables passengers to explore the globe in high...

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More points of interest - Explore destinations in more fun, engaging ways with features such as Snapshot. A new perspective - View flights as if through the head-up display that the pilot sees. Or, choose views that "see through" the aircraft in a variety of directions. More in-depth service - Views of the system's Command Center, World Clocks, Prayer Room (includes time to Miqat and direction of Mecca) and Flight Stats keep you and your passengers engaged and informed in precisely the ways you want. M.ikk.ih Junior ( Prayer time's at Current Locdticn fl* “ hM - > IliHi w*-* » 1>

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