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ACAS-900 Airborne Collision Avoidance System Superior aircraft tracking performance. Accuracy and efficiency come first in today’s crowded airspace. Rockwell Collins has made both simple to obtain by enhancing flight crew situational awareness with the ACAS-900, an advanced airborne collision avoidance system. Rockwell Collins ACAS-900 provides on-board radar surveillance technology that delivers traffic advisory and resolution advisory guidance relative to your aircraft. The ACAS-900 receiver/transmitter, the TTR-921, supplies superior aircraft tracking performance through advanced designs for industry-leading bearing accuracy and algorithms. Exceeding worldwide ICAO requirements for collision avoidance systems, the ACAS-900 is an optimal choice. TTR-921 Receiver/Transmitter Key Features >> D0-185A, Change 7.0 software >> Complies with ICAO ACAS requirements >> Available in 4 MCU or 6 MCU size >> On-board software data loading TPR-901 Mode S Transponder Key Feature >> D0-181A, Change 2.0 software >> D0-181C >> Elementary surveillance >> Enhanced surveillance >> Extended squitter >> Complies with ICAO ACAS requirements >> Complies with EUROCARE ED-86, internal Airborne Data Link Processor (ADLP) >> Level 3 transponder, upgradeable to Level 4 and Level 5 with software only >> Substantial computing growth

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Advanced Design At the heart of the ACAS-900 system is the TTR-921 receiver/ transmitter, two TPR-901 Mode S transponders, a TTC-920 or equivalent control panel, two TRE-920 directional antennas and either stand-alone TVI-920 display indicators or integrated EFIS displays. The TPR-901 Mode S transponder plays a dual role in the system. While an integral part of the collision avoidance function, it also provides basic and advanced air traffic management capabilities including squitter and European Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance, also known as Downlink of Aircraft Parameters (DAPs)....

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