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TASE500 HD - 1

TASE500 HDAdvanced Multi-Spectral Imaging System HD Imaging Performance - HD solution for improved image quality and clarity - Full digital imaging enables advanced post processing and third party exploitation tools and no compression artifacts - Fourth Generation HD-MWIR imager for superior IR imaging at long ranges, including local area processing and noise reduction filter - Precision optics for maximum image sharpness and clarity Market Leading SWaP & Value - Lightest payload in its class - Lowest cost with fully integrated features for best value Integrated Solution - Viewpoint user interface for improved operator efficiency - Touchscreen, tablet, airborne downlink video display options available - Ruggedized hand controller (optional) - Configurable software to suit mission needs - Single LRU with onboard GPS/INS for simple integration and installation - Laser Illuminator option - Continuous zoom for improved situational awareness, plus Picture-in-Picture supported.

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TASE500 HD - 2

Daylight Zoom Camera High Definition (HD) 720p Continuous Optical Zoom 27x Continuous Digital Zoom: 4x HFOV (HD) 42.3° -1.7° Wavelength: 400 to 700 nm (night mode 850 nm) Daylight Spotter High Definition (HD) 720p Fixed Spotter Lens HFOV: 0.9° MWIR (Mid-Wave Infrared) Camera High Definition (HD) 720p Continuous Optical Zoom: 6.3x Continuous Digital Zoom: 4x HFOV (HD) 19.1° - 3.0° Wavelength: 3 to 5 gm Laser Illuminator (optional) (Narrow Beam)1 Class lllb laser 1 830 nm (NVG band),150 mW max Payload Performance Field of Regard: 360° Pan, +20° to -85° Tilt 4-Axis active stabilization 3-Axis...

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