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Helicopter Flight Trainer Characteristics Height Width Main Tail Mark 6,10m./2 blades 1,10m./2 blades Rotax 912 Autonomy Fuel Type Rotor diam./blades Engine Airframe made of SAE 4130 steel tubes. Skids made of SAE 4130 steel tubes. Main gearbox with commands system. Main rotor. Main rotor blades made of composite. Tail rotor gearbox. Tail rotor blades made of composite. Vertical stabilizer made of aluminum. Tail boom with shaft and tail rotor control system. 10) Slipping platform. 11) Support system with pneumatic cylinders. 12) Cabin made of composite. 13) Compass or turn indicator. 14) Hour-meter. 15) Standard instrument panel. a) Engine water and oil temperature indicator. b) Engine oil pressure. c) Main gear box temperature indicator. d) Engine-rotor dual tachometer. e) Fuel level. 16) Polyurethane paint. 17) Protection system of Minimum pressure. 18) Protection system of engine high temperature. Type HP. Max. Cont. Total Fuel Gasoline 4 cil. 4 Strokes. Air & Liquid cooled 100 460 Kg. 30 Kg. 2.5 Hrs. 95 octane 19) Instructor’s electronic control. a) Engine stop. b) Engine failure. c) Protection system of high RPM. d) Three independent lights of simulated alarm. e) RPM simulator. 20) Engine quick stop. 21) Height limiter switch. 22) Fuel tank made of stainless steel. 23) Collective pitch control (dampener). 24) Light of maximum height proximity (amber). 25) Light of maximum height (red). 26) Signal light for the instructor. 27) Instruction manual. 28) Maintenance manual. 29) Parts catalog. 30) Transport wheels. Protective boots for cabin, blade tips and rotors.

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