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CICARÉ 8 - Technical Caracteristics


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CICARÉ 8 - Technical Caracteristics - 1

Rotor diam./blades Climb rate 4 cil. 4 Strokes. Turbo Air & Liquid cooled 1. Airframe made of SAE 4130 steel tubes. 2. Skids made of SAE 4130 steel tubes and aluminum. 3. Main gearbox with commands system 4. Main rotor with composite blades. 5. Tail rotor gearbox. 6. Tail rotor with composite blades. 7. Aluminum made T shape Stabilizer Tail boom with cardan transmission and push-pull command system. 8. Carbon fiber cabin, including windshield, doors, engine cover, seat and seatbelt. 9. Genuine Leather Seats Two fuel tanks. 10. Standard instrument panel. a. Dual engine-rotor tachometer. b. Main transmission temperature alarm. c. Compass or directional gyro. e. Fuel level indicator. f. Engine instruments (Mini Eis) g. Standard flight instruments. i. GPS AERA 510 or AERA 796 Support (GPS not included) 16. Cabin, blade tip and rotor protector 17. Communication kit (Radio, Antenna)

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CICARÉ 8 - Technical Caracteristics - 2

Optional Equipment GPS Garmin Aera 796 GPS Garmin Aera 510 Apple Mini Ipad Wifi+4G - 32 Gb -Custom Graphics Custom Paint Adaptor regular aircraft headphones to a U-174 Helicopter Headset Helicopter Carbon Finish Headset - Bluetooth, ANR (Noice Canceling), MP3 Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) (Installation included) ELT Installation Transponder TRIG TT22 + Antenna (Installation included) Transponder Installation Pilot and Copilot Floor Carpets Seat Pilot Leather Pocket Seat Co Pilot Leather Pocket Leather Upper Collective cover Factory Assembly Black covering of doors Pilot Seat Storage...

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