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THE ULTIMATE UTILITY VEHICLE The Cessna® Grand Caravan® EX has established an international reputation as a revenue generator as well as the go-to multi-missions aircraft. The powerful PT6A-140 brings 867 horsepower of dependable payload performance and superior efficiency. Increased cruise speed and climb capability combine with proven airframe design for unparalleled dispatch reliability. The factory warranty, parts availability and lower direct operating costs bring even greater value. Useful Load Takeoff Ground Roll

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GRANDER CARGO Certified with the optional TKS Ice Protec tion system for f light into known icing. Wide loading doors allow easy access, and the optional cargo pod allows an additional 111 cubic feet of storage space. THE RELIABLE MULTITASKER The Grand Caravan EX was engineered for The ultra-efficient 867-shp Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-140 engine provides classleading cruise speed, payload and range. challenging missions, high payloads and short, rough runways while delivering single-engine economy and simplicity. ROUGH-FIELD READY Large, rough-field tires and rugged landing gear allow you...

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Grand Caravan EX - 4

HARDEST-WORKING FLIGHT DECK Put your full attention on the mission with the all-glass, integrated Garmin™ G1000™ avionics suite featuring the digital GFC™ 700 automated flight control system. A favorite among pilots, this flight deck seamlessly integrates flight information, enhancing situational awareness and data processing. STANDARD AVIONICS •  GDU 1040A Pilot and Copilot Primary Flight Displays (PFD) •  GDU 1040A Multifunction Display (MFD) •  GDC 74A Dual Air Data Computer (ADC) •  GEA 71 Engine/Airframe Unit •  GRS 77 Dual Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) •  GMA 1347...

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Grand Caravan EX - 5

CUSTOMIZED COMFORT AERO TWIN Canyon Interior OASIS – PRODUCTIVE LUXURY THE CABIN IS YOUR CANVAS The Oasis Executive Interior is the perfect blend of smart design, precision Create the picture of your perfect cabin from a palette craftsmanship and quality materials for luxury travel combined with efficient of new interior collections. The classic neutral khaki of Customize your Grand Caravan EX cabin configuration to match changing mission profiles and optimize revenue on every flight. Improved cabin comfort comes productivity. Oasis offers folding tables, flat-panel video displays, a...

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Grand Caravan EX - 6

Dual Medical Station INTELLIGENCE, SURVEILLANCE, RECONNAISSANCE ISR/Utility Combination Rugged, economical and versatile, Caravans are unsurpassed as special missions aircraft. Its unmatched fuel efficiency and low operating costs keep SPECIAL MISSIONS you aloft longer to meet your mission needs. The Grand Caravan EX is capable of performing life-critical missions in remote locations, flying in adverse environments and operating on unimproved airstrips. Its high-wing design provides excellent ground visibility and a stable platform for intelligence gathering. We can configure your Grand...

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Grand Caravan EX - 7

BUSINESS / CORPORATE / AIRLINE OPERATIONAL VERSATILITY TOURISM / SIGHTSEEING The Grand Caravan EX makes its own business case. Its legendary reliability ensures that you stay on schedule, not on the tarmac. The Grand Caravan EX takes to the water with uncompromising speed and payload. Like all Caravan® models, the Amphibian is both easy and economical to maintain and far more fuel-efficient than its competitors. Regional airlines and charter services serving low-volume routes or traveling to remote destinations count on the Grand Caravan EX to deliver more payload and serve more customers...

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Grand Caravan EX - 8

INTERIOR DIMENSIONS Cabin Height Cabin Width Cabin Length Baggage Capacit y  Amphibian   With cargo pod   Super Cargomaster® WEIGHTS Maximum Takeof f  Amphibian   With cargo pod   Super Cargomaster Empt y Weight ONLY THE GRAND CARAVAN EX The Grand Caravan EX outperforms all other single-engine utility turboprops, no matter the conditions or the mission. Even with a range well over 900 nautical miles, a max cruise speed of 185 knots and useful load of more than 3,500 pounds, the rugged, versatile Grand Caravan EX gets in and out of tight places with short runways. This makes it the preferred...

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Grand Caravan EX - 9

REST EASY TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND PARTS ARE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Textron Aviation’s extensive engineering and manufacturing resources provide you with a worldwide network of knowledgeable technical support representatives backed by more than 30 years of aviation experience. Our parts distribution network is the largest in the world, able to supply you with everything from batteries and tires to parts for your specific aircraft model. We understand that optimizing the operational cost of your aircraft is important and support you by offering timely and efficient delivery of the highest quality...

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Grand Caravan EX - 10

THE WORLD’S LEADING AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURER Textron Aviation brings smart innovation to the market – leveraging the latest technology in our industryleading Beechcraft®, Cessna and Hawker® aircraft – a cornerstone of our more than 80 years of performance. Together, Cessna and Beechcraft account for more than half of all general aviation aircraft flying, having delivered more than 250,000 aircraft that exceed 100 million flight hours and operate across the globe in more than 143 countries. In the past decade, Textron Aviation has received certification for and delivered 35 new aircraft...

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