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Useful Load Takeoff Distance

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LARGEST CABIN IN ITS CLASS Sleek interior f inishes, a side -facing couch, spacious lavator y and a deluxe refreshment center blur the line bet ween business and pleasure. The largest cabin in its class allows for six ex tra-wide, reclining leather seats. With its versatile LED lighting, passengers can stay produc tive or choose to relax.

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DISCOVER YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH Eleven large windows for optimal light and viewing throughout the cabin Spacious bathroom with sink Standard belted flushing lavatory Articulating seats Berthable seats Useful and expansive storage area Take full advantage of its generous space, and design the cabin to meet your needs. The standard configuration includes a side-facing couch and six seats, each with a well-positioned work surface. The VIP seat control offers passengers complete control of the cabin lighting and temperature. For added storage, the two-place couch can be replaced with a storage...

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WORLD’S MOST TRUSTED FLIGHT DECK Simpler controls and brighter displays, all powered by Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21™ avionics, make the Citation XLS+ smarter than ever. Crews will feel confident flying the Citation XLS+ with weather and navigation systems, detailed flightstatus data, and diagnostics systems, all in direct line of sight. PRO LINE 21 IS PERFORMANCE • Dual 8x10-inch primary flight displays • Dual 8x10-inch multifunction displays • Electronic flight information system • Crew alerting system • Flight guidance system • Dual air data computers • Broadcast graphical weather •...

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INTERIOR DIMENSIONS Cabin Height Cabin Width Maximum Takeoff Basic Operating Weight Cabin Length Baggage Capacity COMMAND PERFORMANCE Useful Load PERFORMANCE Takeoff Field Length (MTOW) The Citation XLS+ is built around two FADEC controlled Pratt & Whitney high-bypass engines, offering generous range and performance. The spacious baggage compartment accommodates all of your luggage. The Citation XLS+ combines performance and payload, allowing you and your team never to compromise on a mission. POWERPLANT Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada A high density seating conf iguration is available...

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REST EASY YOU ARE BACKED BY THE INDUSTRY’S MOST CAPABLE SERVICE CENTER NETWORK We commit our worldwide network of 21 company-owned service centers and a broad network of authorized facilities with the industry’s most experienced aviation experts to keeping you flying on schedule. With more than 60 Mobile Service Units (MSUs) and three dedicated support aircraft, our network delivers complete support right to your jet. Textron Aviation’s extensive engineering and manufacturing resources let us bring innovative costsaving programs and upgrade solutions to market quickly to ensure support is...

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THE WORLD’S LEADING AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURER Textron Aviation brings smart innovation to the market – leveraging the latest technology in our industry-leading Beechcraft®, Cessna® and Hawker® aircraft – a cornerstone of our more than 80 years of performance. Together, Cessna and Beechcraft account for more than half of all general aviation aircraft flying, having delivered more than 250,000 aircraft that exceed 100 million flight hours and operate across the globe in more than 143 countries. In the past decade, Textron Aviation has received certification for and delivered 35 new aircraft...

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© 2 015 Te xtr o n Aviatio n Inc. Ce s s na, its lo go, C i t a t i o n, X L S + a nd C a r a va n a r e r e gi st e r e d t r a d e m a r k s a nd TT x i s a t r a d e m a r k of Tex t ron I n n ov a t i on s I n c. , u s ed by permi s s i on . Be e chcr aft, H awke r and King Air are r e gi st e r e d t r a d e m a r k s o f Be e c hc r a f t C o r p o r a t i o n. P r o L i ne 21 i s a t r a d e m a r k o f Rock w el l Col l i n s . B R O CH - JE TS - 5 7 5 – 1 0 1 5

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