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THERE IS NOTHING FASTER Period. Fly the uncontested speed leader up to Mach 0.935 (717 mph) to a max altitude of 51,000 feet, way ahead of your competition. Combining cross-continental range, a technologically advanced flight deck and cabin, and legendary performance makes the Citation X®+ unmatched in more than just speed. Useful Load Takeoff Distance

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HIGH-PERFORMANCE BOARDROOM Relax in the wide, reclining seats with plenty of legroom, and enjoy the view through 13 large windows. Exceptional leathers and fabrics, hand-finished hardwoods, and a contemporary vanity and lavatory complete the fit and finish of the Citation X+ cabin. STAY CONNECTED IN FLIGHT Manage cabin lighting, window shades, temperature and entertainment with simple touch-screen commands, and stay connected with in-cabin high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi.

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AN INTERIOR DESIGNED FOR YOUR NEEDS Thirteen large windows Standard belted flushing lavatory Executive tables stow neatly Additional storage between seats Class-leading legroom Fully tracking, berthable swing-out seats Large galley with room for food preparation CUSTOMIZED COMFORT Choose customized interior finishes and personalized touches throughout to make the Citation X+ your own. Multiple cabin compartments and additional storage space are just a few of the available options. Standard Seating Optional Seating

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LEADING -EDGE AVIONICS The Garmin™ G5000™ avionics suite allows pilots to individualize their layouts, providing such features as full-dimensional renderings of terrain and precise weather pattern and traffic monitoring, all from a touch-screen, intuitive interface. The G5000 system provides reliable and efficient operations, allowing greatly enhanced situational awareness and more head-up flying time. GARMIN G5000: A SMARTER SYSTEM • Fully integrated autothrottles • Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) • ntuitive, easy-to-use Flight Management I Systems (FMS) • Transponders with ADS-B...

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INTERIOR DIMENSIONS Cabin Height Cabin Width Basic Operating Weight Useful Load Cabin Length Baggage Capacity WEIGHTS Maximum Takeoff PERFORMANCE Takeoff Field Length (MTOW) Time to Climb Max Cruise Speed Max Range (Ferr y, LRC) POWERPLANT Manufacturer Model Thrust WITH SPEED TO MATCH YOUR BUSINESS The fastest business jet in the world also has the range to take you coast to coast and back inside a workday. Powerful Rolls-Royce turbofan engines produce a max cruise speed of 528 ktas and a range of 3,460 nm, for power and efficiency competing jets just can’t reach. Return home before your...

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REST EASY YOU ARE BACKED BY THE INDUSTRY’S MOST CAPABLE SERVICE CENTER NETWORK We commit our worldwide network of 21 company-owned service centers and a broad network of authorized facilities with the industry’s most experienced aviation experts to keeping you flying on schedule. With more than 60 Mobile Service Units (MSUs) and three dedicated support aircraft, our network delivers complete support right to your aircraft. Textron Aviation’s extensive engineering and manufacturing resources let us bring innovative costsaving programs and upgrade solutions to market quickly to ensure support...

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THE WORLD’S LEADING AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURER Textron Aviation brings smart innovation to the market – leveraging the latest technology in our industry-leading Beechcraft®, Cessna® and Hawker® aircraft – a cornerstone of our more than 80 years of performance. Together, Cessna and Beechcraft account for more than half of all general aviation aircraft flying, having delivered more than 250,000 aircraft that exceed 100 million flight hours and operate across the globe in more than 143 countries. In the past decade, Textron Aviation has received certification for and delivered 35 new aircraft...

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© 20 1 6 Tex tron Aviatio n Inc. All r ig hts r e s e r ve d . Ce s s na , i t s l o go, C i t a t i o n X , C i t a t i o n, C a r a va n a nd TT X a r e r e gi st e r e d t r a d e m a r k s o f Te x t ron I n n ov a t i on s I n c. , u s ed by permi s s i on . B eech cra f t , H a w ker an d K ing Air ar e r e g is te r e d tr ad e mar ks o f Bee c hc r a f t C o r p o r a t i o n. Ga r m i n, G5000 a nd S V T a r e t r a d e m a r k s o f Ga r m i n Int e r na t i on a l or a s s oci a t e compa n i es . B R O CH - JE T- 7 5 0 - 0 2 1 6

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