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REDRAW YOUR RANGE MAP New range-enhancing winglets combined with powerful engines allows the Citation® Sovereign® +, with its expansive double-club cabin, to land at smaller airports such as Aspen, Hilton Head and Ocean Reef, reducing travel time and landing you closer to your destination. Improved cooling quickly brings the expansive double-club cabin to a comfortable temperature. Meticulous craftsmanship makes every business trip a pleasure. Useful Load Takeoff Distance

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WORK IN COMFORT, STAY CONNECTED The large, comfortable leather seats feature forward and aft tracking, 360-degree swivel and multiple reclining positions. With four stowable executive tables, the Citation Sovereign+ accommodates eight passengers in club-style seating. CONNECTIVITY AND CONTROL With high-speed Internet and the user-friendly cabin management system, passengers are able to stay productive while controlling the temperature and entertainment features inside the cabin.

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STEP IN AND MAKE IT YOUR OWN Twelve large windows Optional couch seating Class-leading, high-capacity baggage compartment Standard belted flushing lavatory Executive tables stow neatly Fully tracking, berthable swing-out seats ROOM FOR EVERYTHING YOU BRING ABOARD The forward galley provides ample supply cabinets, cold storage and a well lit counter for food preparation. Standard Seating Optional Seating

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ENHANCED DECK FOR INTUITIVE OPERATION The redesigned flight deck offers the ultimate command center for pilots. Powered by Garmin™ G5000™ avionics, the cockpit is bright, modern and all-glass, offering unsurpassed situational awareness. Features include Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™), detailed moving map imagery, electronic charts, traffic surveillance (TCAS II Change 7.1), terrain awareness (Class-A TAWS) and intuitive touch-screen controls. An integrated, work-saving autothrottle frees the hands – and the attention – of busy pilots. GARMIN G5000: THE HEART OF A REVOLUTIONARY...

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INTERIOR DIMENSIONS Cabin Height Cabin Width Maximum Takeoff Basic Operating Weight Useful Load Cabin Length Baggage Capacity PERFORMANCE Takeoff Field Length (MTOW) Time to Climb SPREAD YOUR WINGS FOR GREATER REACH The baggage compartment can accommodate 1,435 lb of your POWERPLANT Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada luggage. Seat up to twelve passengers and take advantage of the class-leading short takeoff and enjoy the exhilarating climb. Two Pratt & Whitney Canada turbofan engines have you at cruising speed and altitude quickly and smoothly. Then sit back, relax or work for the next...

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REST EASY YOU ARE BACKED BY THE INDUSTRY’S MOST CAPABLE SERVICE CENTER NETWORK We commit our worldwide network of 21 company-owned service centers and a broad network of authorized facilities with the industry’s most experienced aviation experts to keeping you flying on schedule. With more than 60 Mobile Service Units (MSUs) and three dedicated support aircraft, our network delivers complete support right to your aircraft. Textron Aviation's extensive engineering and manufacturing resources let us bring innovative costsaving programs and upgrade solutions to market quickly to ensure support...

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THE WORLD’S LEADING AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURER Textron Aviation brings smart innovation to the market – leveraging the latest technology in our industry-leading Beechcraft®, Cessna® and Hawker® aircraft – a cornerstone of our more than 80 years of performance. Together, Cessna and Beechcraft account for more than half of all general aviation aircraft flying, having delivered more than 250,000 aircraft that exceed 100 million flight hours and operate across the globe in more than 143 countries. In the past decade, Textron Aviation has received certification for and delivered 35 new aircraft...

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© 2016 Te xtr o n Aviatio n Inc. All r ig hts r e s e r ve d . C e ssna , i t s l o go, C i t a t i o n, S o ve r e i gn, C a r a va n a nd TTx a r e r e gi st e r e d t r a d e m a rk s of Tex t ron I n n ov a t i on s I n c. , u s ed by permi s s i on . B e ech craft, Hawker an d K ing Air ar e r e g is te r e d tr ad e mar ks o f B e e c hc r a f t C o r p o r a t i o n. Ga r m i n, G5000 a nd S V T a r e t r a d e m a r k s o f Ga r m i n Int e r na t i on a l or a s s oci a t e compa n i es . B R O CH - JE T- 0 4 1 6 B R O CH - JE T- 6 80 - 0 4 1 6

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