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THE EVOLUTION IS REVOLUTIONARY The Citation Longitude® – a revolution in business aviation. No super-midsize business jet gives you more range, greater payload or higher cruise speed at a lower total ownership cost. Providing the lowest cabin altitude and quietest interior in its class, more standard features, and a comfortable cabin with a superior fit and finish, the Citation Longitude will evolve your business travel. High Speed Cruise Full Fuel Payload

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Standard Seating SET YOUR EXPECTATIONS HIGHER MORE ROOM IN FLIGHT The spacious cabin of the Citation Longitude, with its double-club configuration, allows The forward wet galley, finished in fine hardwoods, has plenty of room for The Citation Longitude's stand-up, flat-floor cabin is customizable to meet for the most legroom in the super-midsize class. The fully berthable seating, designed food preparation. Cabin service is enhanced by hot and cold water, generous your business and travel requirements, and the large walk-in baggage specifically for this new larger-cabin line, has leveling...

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THE NEXT ADVANCE IN CREW CAPABILITY The spacious cockpit incorporates easier access and an ergonomic design that fully focuses on crew comfort and efficiency. Pilots have complete touch-screen control of navigation and communication systems with the next evolution of the Garmin™ G5000™ flight deck. The new standard for safe, efficient flying, the Citation Longitude features fully integrated autothrottles and LinxUs™, the industry's most advanced on-board diagnostic system. With head-up display and enhanced vision capability, the Citation Longitude facilitates eyes-up flying that allows for...

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REVOLUTIONARY PERFORMANCE Designed with reliability and efficiency in mind, the clean sheet Citation Longitude provides remarkable takeoff and cruise performance as well Teterboro to Paris as transcontinental range. Low fuel flow, advanced aerodynamics and the longest maintenance intervals in its class – 800 hours or 18 months – Total Trip Cost* combine to make the aircraft the most cost effective to operate in the supermidsize jet category. Business return on investment is unmatched. PERFORMANCE Cabin Altitude Max Cruise Transcontinental Range Dubai Total Trip Cost* POWERPLANT Honey well...

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REST EASY YOU ARE BACKED BY THE INDUSTRY’S MOST CAPABLE SERVICE CENTER NETWORK We commit our worldwide network of 21 company-owned service centers and a broad network of authorized facilities with the industry’s most experienced aviation experts to keeping you flying on schedule. With more than 60 Mobile Service Units (MSUs) and three dedicated support aircraft, our network delivers complete support right to your aircraft. Textron Aviation's extensive engineering and manufacturing resources let us bring innovative costsaving programs and upgrade solutions to market quickly to ensure support...

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THE WORLD’S LEADING AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURER Textron Aviation brings smart innovation to the market – leveraging the latest technology in our industryleading Beechcraft®, Cessna® and Hawker® aircraft – a cornerstone of our more than 80 years of performance. Together, Cessna and Beechcraft account for more than half of all general aviation aircraft flying, having delivered more than 250,000 aircraft that exceed 100 million flight hours and operate across the globe in more than 143 countries. In the past decade, Textron Aviation has received certification for and delivered 35 new aircraft...

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© 2015 Textron Aviation Inc. All rights reserved. Cessna, its logo, Citation Longitude, Citation, and Caravan are registered trademarks and LinxUs and TTx are trademarks of Textron Innovations, Inc., used by permission. Beechcraft, Hawker, and King Air are registered trademarks of Beechcraft Corporation. Garmin, G5000 and SVT are trademarks of Garmin International or associate companies. LASEREF is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc. BROCH-JET-700–1115 92355/PI 11-2015

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