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Cessna Skylane - 2

A PERFECT TRANSITION There is a moment when you go from simply having your pilot’s certificate to being a pilot. It’s a transition you feel in your gut, and once you’ve made a 230-horsepower climb in a CESSNA SKYLANE aircraft, there’s no going back. A forgiving high-wing design and durable airframe provide impressive performance, powerful capability and low operating and acquisition costs. The proven Cessna Skylane is designed to make it easy to go fly and enjoy the journey. Maximum Range Maximum Cruise Speed Maximum Occupants Useful Load Takeoff Ground Roll

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Cessna Skylane - 3

RESILIENT AIRFRAME Both inside and out, from anti-corrosion treatment to strengthened glass, the Skylane is renowned worldwide for its durability. CONSTANT-SPEED PROPELLER Setting power is easy with a fully adjustable three-blade McCAULEY propeller for optimal performance in all phases of flight. HIGH-PERFORMANCE POWERPLANT A proven 230-horsepower LYCOMING engine delivers smooth climbs and high cruise speeds for cross-country travel. NEXT-GENERATION AVIONICS GARMIN G1000 NXi avionics provide a brand-new cockpit interface with enhanced graphics, faster hardware, new features and optional...

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Cessna Skylane - 4

COMFORT FOR CAPABILITY Settle into the left seat of a Cessna Skylane, and you’ll find deep-contoured Luxor 2 or optional leather seats, ergonomically designed to deliver optimal comfort, even on the longest flights. Cabin air controls with enhanced ventilation sustain consistent cockpit temperature, while advanced soundproofing creates a quiet and comfortable environment. Wraparound windows and a high-wing design allow both passengers and pilot to enjoy panoramic views of the landscape, no matter which seat they choose. The Cessna Skylane also keeps passengers comfortably charged with a...

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Cessna Skylane - 5

COMMAND THE NEXT GENERATION The Skylane is powered by the latest technology in integrated cockpit avionics, the Garmin G1000 NXi. Managing the flight deck has never been easier with an improved graphical interface, more powerful hardware, higherresolution displays, added functionality to improve situational awareness and optional wireless technology. GARMIN ELECTRONIC STABILITY AND PROTECTION (ESP) AND UNDERSPEED PROTECTION (USP) The standard Garmin GFC 700 autopilot features ESP and USP, providing pilots with an added measure of protection NEW FEATURES AND OPTIONS ++ ADS-B Out and In ++...

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Cessna Skylane - 6

FLY WITH CONFIDENCE WHERE FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS Elegant design is bold, simple and beautiful. Every engineered part has a purpose and is crafted with evolution and wisdom that only comes from a fleet with millions With ergonomically designed seats wrapped in durable of hours of operating experience. Whether you are purchasing your first aircraft or Luxor 2 or optional leather, the Skylane offers a four- stepping up to enjoy added performance, the Skylane is the perfect tool to look at seat configuration, providing room to expand your aviation influence to your friends...

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Cessna Skylane - 7

EXTERIOR DESIGN SELECTION Gloss Black Titanium Pearl Cumulus Gray Pearl Charcoal Gray Pearl Slate Gray Pearl Commercial Maroon Black Pearl Dark Pine Pearl Wildcat Yellow Calypso Orange Carter Gold Pearl Rich Blue Beach Blue Arista Blue Marlin Blue Dark Toreador Red Pearl Jade Mist Green Pilot Green Maroon Pearl Medium Concord Pearl Dark Blue Pearl Columbia Blue Pearl Imperial Blue Pearl Green Pearl Topaz Green Pearl Choose from several different paint combinations to outfit your Skylane to fit your style preferences. Kelly Green Paint swatch colors have been adjusted for print quality.

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Cessna Skylane - 8

PERFORMANCE Takeoff Ground Roll 795 ft 242 m Max Cruise Speed 145 ktas 269 km/h POWER PLANT Manufacturer Lycoming WEIGHTS Max Takeoff Weight 3,100 lb 1,406 kg INTERIOR Cabin Height 48.5 in 1.23 m Bring your friends with more than 1,100 pounds of useful load and cruise at up to 145 knots With the ability to use short, unimproved runways, including dirt and gravel, the Cessna Skylane is a true high-performance aircraft with more than 900 nautical miles of range. Experience class-leading capability backed by a proven track record. Performance data is based on standard conditions with zero...

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Cessna Skylane - 9

THE LARGEST AND MOST CAPABLE SERVICE NETWORK Textron Aviation's extensive engineering and manufacturing resources provide you with a worldwide network of technical support experts and maintenance solutions. • Field service representatives from Textron Aviation are equipped with extensive technical manuals and detailed vendor documentation to answer your questions. • Add peace of mind to every trip with global ASF networks that are uniquely qualified to service your piston aircraft. • Find any part you need. Textron Aviation offers more than 19 million components, including aftermarket...

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Cessna Skylane - 10

LEADING PISTON AIRCRAFT 200,000 DELIVERIES INCLUDING THE SK YHAWK AND BONANZA ULTIMATE UTILITY MORE THAN 2,600 DELIVERED THE WORLD’S LEADER IN AVIATION We advance the market by leveraging the latest technology in our BEECHCRAFT, Cessna and HAWKER aircraft. These cornerstone brands account for more than half of all general aviation aircraft flying today. We have delivered more than 250,000 aircraft, exceeding 150 million flight hours in over 170 countries. In the last five years, more than 10 new Textron Aviation products have been certified and delivered. We continue to lead the market with...

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Cessna Skylane - 11

© 20 1 9 Te xtr o n Aviatio n Inc. All r ig hts r e s e r ve d . CES S NA & D ES IGN, S KYL A NE, McCAU L EY, LYC O MING. BEEC HC RA FT, HAW KER, C ITAT I O N , K I N G A I R a n d CA R AVA N a re t ra dema rk s or s erv i ce m arks of Te xtr o n Aviatio n Inc. o r an affiliate and ma y b e r e gi st e r e d i n t he U ni t e d St a t e s o r o t he r j ur i sd i c t i o ns. GA RMIN, G1000, GFC a n d CO N N E X T a re t ra dema rk s or s erv i ce ma rk s of ot h ers . BRO C H-P IST-18 2T-0619

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