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Stainless Steel Bars


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Stainless Steel Bars - 1

Castle Metals" Stainless Steel Bars Your foremost provider of specialty products, services and solutions

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Stainless Steel Bars - 2

Quik Guide toAUSTENTIC TYPE CMQ® is a registered service mark of A.M. Castle

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Stainless Steel Bars - 3

TYPE AUSTENTIC (15) NITRONIC 50®, NITRONIC 60® are registered trademarks of AK Steel. (16) SANMAC®is a registered trademark of SANDVIK Steel. (17) Some Chemical and Mechanical properties may differ contact your sales

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Stainless Steel Bars - 4

PRECIPITATION HARDENING DUPLEX MARTENSITIC TYPE (1) Castle's stainless is ordered to these specifications, however there are some restrictions by size, shape, and availability. Give us your specifications to properly service your needs. (2) All values are maximum except as noted. (3) This column is provided for your convenience. A.M. Castle & Co. cannot and does not make recommendations of type or grade of material for end use. Proper selection of material for proposed end use is our customer's responsibility. S-Sulfur Ta-Tantalum Ti-Titanium WQ-Water Quench L-Longitudinal...

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Stainless Steel Bars - 5

TYPICAL MECH. PROPERTIES SIZE RANGE-INCHES Rounds Hexagons Squares Flats Angles TYPE AUSTENTIC DUPLEX PRECIPITATION HARDENING (5) Edge conditioned flats chemical end mechanical properties to apply. (6) Also stocked as pump shafting. Tensile strength 90/120,000 P.S.I. Yield Strength 70,000 P.S.I. min. Hardness—Approximately Brinell 207/245 (7) Mechanical properties are typical for solution treated condition. (Cond. A) (9) This section of 300 Series marked WQ (AC) are usually air cooled to minimize distortion, heavier section water quenched. (11) Solution treating temperature....

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Stainless Steel Bars - 6

Precipitation Hardening Grades Unique alloys which offer corrosion resistance that approaches Type 304. The general corrosion resistance is greatest in the fully hardened condition. The alloys can obtain a wide range of mechanical properties with low temperature precipitation hardening (aging). Typical Mechanical Properties

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Stainless Steel Bars - 7

Up to & Incl. 5/16" .003 per side except 440-C Over 5/16" 1 % of Diameter per Side Centerless Ground: All Ground **Defect Free** within the Standard Size Tolerances Example: 1-1/2" Rd. TOL is ±.003 Material must not have any defect under -.003 Rough Turned: All "R.T." sizes are produced on the plus side. Material must be defect free on size. Example: 5" Rd. HR-RT must be defect free at 5" Stainless Bar Weight Formulas ROUNDS Lbs. per lineal foot = 2.67036 x D2 SQUARES Lbs. per lineal foot = 3.4 x D2 HR-A&P Flats & Squares and Cold Drawn Flats Recommended Machining Allowances (B)...

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Stainless Steel Bars - 8

Tolerances–Stainless Steel Bars ROUNDS–COLD FINISHED Under 5/16 ROUNDS–HOT ROLLED & ROUGH TURNED Over 2 to 2-1/2 SQUARE AND HEXAGON–COLD FINISHED Under 5/16 PUMP SHAFT QUALITY STRAIGHTNESS TOLERANCE Diameter Over Tolerance Under Hot Finished 1/8 Inch in Any 5 Ft., But May Not Exceed 1/8 x No. of Feet in Length 5 Cold Finished 1/16 Inch in Any Ft., But May Not Exceed 1/16 x No. of Feet in Length 5 PUMP SHAFTING .005 TIR n 3 ft. Plus .0015 TIR for Each Ft. Over 3 Ft. *Straightness is a Perishable Tolerance and Will be Maintained Only on Product of a Full Stock Box. CALL 800.BUY.CSTL...

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