Aircraft Tow Tractor CT-T150,CT-T400,CT-T280


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Baggage Handling Equipment Passenger Handling Equipment Electrical Ground Handling Equipment Aircraft Service Equipment Aircraft Service Equipment CARTOO CT series aircraft tow tractor is designed and produced for aircraft pushing and towing service. The tow tractor is for towing the small/medium/big aircrafts as push back based on absorption of the similar equipment from local and overseas markets.

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Aircraft Tow Tractor CT-T150,CT-T400,CT-T280 - 2

Aircraft Service Equipment AIRCRAFT TOW TRACTOR Norms and Standards The CT series aircraft tow tractors have three different models according to the different DBP : 9/12/15/16 Tons (Adjust according to the balance weight) 25/28/30 Tons (Adjust according to the balance weight) 36/40/45/50 Tons (Adjust according to the balance weight) Overall Dimension (LxWxH) 5360x2100x2020 mm (with towing device) 4800x2100x2020 mm (without towing device) 7200x2580x1700 mm (with towing device) 6600x2580x1700 mm (without towing device) 7685x2980x1780 mm (with towing device) 6900x2980x1780 mm (without towing...

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