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Baggage Handling Equipment Passenger Handling Equipment Electrical Ground Handling Equipment Passenger Handling Equipment Aircraft Service Equipment PASSENGER STAIRS The CT Series Passenger stairs is designed to transport the passengers from the ground to the aircraft or from the aircraft to the ground. As various preference by different airport service handlers, CARTOO GSE is able to provide three different kinds of vehicles, including self-propelled type, truck-mounted type and the towable type. All the passenger stairs can meet airside operation conditions according to IATA and related standards.

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Passenger Handling Equipment The Model CT5060JKT passenger stairs is mounted The CT-PS580 Self-propelled Passenger Stairs is on ISUZU truck chassis, which is designed to be designed for aircraft passenger boarding service. It is a hydraulically operated and controlled from the universal type with system hydraulically operated and driver’ seat. It provides the service for all aircrafts s controlled from the driver’ seat being able to serve all s with doorsill heights between 2400mm and 5800mm. aircrafts of doorsill height from 2200mm to 5800mm. The power source can be optioned with Cummins,...

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Passenger Handling Equipment The model CT-PS380T is a towable passenger stairs designed for aircraft passenger boarding ser vice. The towable unit has hydraulic motor driving system for convenient operation and maintenance freely. The work height ranges from 2000mm to 3800mm, which can serve most narrow body aircrafts. Service floor height range IATA AHM 905, AHM 910, AHM913, AHM 915, AHM916, AHM920, SAE-ARP836A, MH/T6029-2003, etc. Main Frame And Configuration The PS380T Towable passenger stairs mainly consists of Technical Parameters towable chassis frame, fixed stairs, lifting mechanism,...

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