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Coil Cord Cable Assemblies Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) is an expert in designing and manufacturing coil cords for Aerospace and other harsh environment applications where a long operating life is required. CarlisleIT’s coil cords provide a combination of strength, flexibility and resistance to harsh chemical environments across a wide operating temperature range. »» Coil Outer Diameter: Up to 3.0 in (7.6 cm) A wide variety of materials are available to create the ideal coil cord for any application, and we are able to meet your full cable assembly needs by including your specific connector callouts. »» Internal Wire Options: Standard Hookup Wire (PTFE, FEP, TYPICAL APPLICATIONS »» Full Point-to-Point Continuity Testing »» Instrumentation Connections »» Steering Columns and Doors »» Joystick Controls »» Coiled Length: Up to 7 ft (2.1 m) »» Operating Temperature: -55 to 200°C »» Jacket Material Options: Polyurethane, Hytrel, TPR, Kynar Flex, Seamless™ PTFE Tape/Polyimide, FEP/Polyimide, Polyolefin PFA or ETFE), Composite Wire (Polyimide or PTFE), Coax, Data Cables and Custom Combinations of Power, Coax & Data Components »» 100% Dimensional Confirmations per Customer Specifications »» Flex Life Testing »» Keyboard Cables »» Down Hole Tools »» Sensor Cables Carlisle Interconnect Technologies / www.C

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Coil Cord Worksheet Coil Cord Diagram Coil Information Customer Information Date Leading Tail Length (B) Company Name Trailing Tail Length (C) Special Requirements: Internal Wire Information Jacket Material Component Wire Coil Cord Examples »» 5 twisted component wires, 24 AWG 19x36, PTFE/ Polyimide composite »» Seamless™ PTFE/Polyimide jacket »» .145 in (.37 cm) cable diameter »» 1.0 in (2.54 cm) coil diameter »» 4.5 in (11.43 cm) coil length »» 4 twisted pairs, 20 AWG 19x32 and 22 AWG 19x34 with ETFE insulation »» Hytrel jacket »» .270 in (.69 cm) cable diameter »» 1.25 in (3.18 cm) coil...

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