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Training Systems Integration - 1

Training Systems Integration (TSI) CAE Your worldwide training partner of choice

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Training Systems Integration - 2

Who is the world's most experienced training systems integrator? We are. CAE is an experienced and world-class training systems integrator (TSI) offering a comprehensive portfolio of training solutions and services across the air, naval, land and public safety markets. Our TSI approach addresses the full-spectrum of the training continuum, from academic and simulation-based training to an integrated live-virtual-constructive (iLVC) environment for training and mission rehearsal.

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Training Systems Integration - 3

Training Is Our Specialty CAE is uniquely positioned to help military organizations As a TSI, CAE has all the requisite skills and experience reduce the demand on uniformed personnel by to provide basic, intermediate, and advanced mission providing well-trained, ex-military training experts to and operational training, including training systems that deliver training, which allows active-duty personnel can be networked for distributed mission operations to focus on operations. Our TSI approach is based on exhaustive training needs analysis, conducted in cooperation with our customer, to...

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Training Systems Integration - 4

Who designs and delivers comprehensive training solutions based on your needs? We do. Understanding our customer's training requirements, missions and doctrines constitutes the foundation to the overall training solution that includes the right combination of curriculum, courseware and training assets. As your training partner, we will work with you to ensure the overall training systems design is optimal and will best fit your needs and budget.

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Training Systems Integration - 5

Continuous ' Improvement & data analytics Training centre operadons Training operations Distributed training Training needs analysis Project integration Digital media & classroom Training media analysis Training program Virtual training devices Constructive & synthetic environment Tactical control centre Instructional systems design Training Assets Training ProgramTraining Operations The elements of the training program are defined by a rigorous process of training needs analysis, training media analysis and training tasks analysis that provide the foundation of an optimal training...

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Training Systems Integration - 6

How We Design a Comprehensive Training Solution CAE’s approach to designing a training solution starts with analyzing the core missions and operational tasks of our customer. With a thorough understanding of the training requirement and mission, we partner with the customer to determine how to best develop and deliver the comprehensive training solution. The rigorous initial evaluation considers our customer’s training objectives and doctrine; student skillsets and prior experience; economic, environmental, social, and political considerations; organizational and resource constraints; and...

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Training Systems Integration - 7

The next steps of the training system design and delivery consists of bringing together all the building blocks that make up the complete, integrated training solution, starting with designing the courseware and training assets such as computer-based training, simulators, tactical control centre, and potentially a complete training centre. Our solutions can be fully integrated and networked to allow for distributed mission training. After program delivery, CAE can provide facility management and operation as well as in-service support, including support for live training. Training Assets...

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Training Systems Integration - 8

Integrated Learning Environment and Brief/ Debrief Capabilities CAE's Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) is a collection of SCORM 2004 compliant enterprise-class applications to create and manage content. Our ILE allows us to schedule, deliver, track and report classroom, e-Learning, and simulation-based training. Our training environments can also be equipped with brief/debrief capabilities for an optimized learning experience. Our solution can be customized to meet any customer's unique training requirements and gives us the ability to deliver top quality training in a timely manner...

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Training Systems Integration - 9

Training Centre Operations Flexible Contracting Models We can build and operate training facilities on behalf CAE offers flexible financial models for customers of our customers, providing all site support functions adopting outsourced training services, including such as scheduling, facility management, staffing, and government-owned/contractor-operated (GO/CO), maintenance support services. CAE operates a broad network of over 65 military and civil aviation training public-private partnership (PPP) models. centres worldwide so we understand how to efficiently operate training facilities....

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Training Systems Integration - 10

Integrated Live-Virtual-Constructive (iLVC) Training As many defence forces around the world explore the implementation of integrated live-virtual-constructive (iLVC) training environments, CAE leverages its training systems integration capabilities to help its customers achieve this vision.

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Training Systems Integration - 11

CAE has been a leading provider of simulation-based training for decades, therefore we have unmatched experience developing and delivering virtual training, which is often supplemented by constructive simulation technologies. Today, CAE supports the delivery of live training on programs such as the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) and U.S. Army fixed-wing flight training at our Dothan Training Center. We can help bring the live virtual and constructive pieces together to implement a fully integrated training system. With our simulation-based systems, live training capabilities,...

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Training Systems Integration - 12

Who has the experience and expertise to deliver turnkey training systems integration solutions? We do. TSI Program Highlights — We have the experience and expertise to serve as your training systems integrator in the development of world-class training and mission rehearsal solutions.

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Training Systems Integration - 13

CAE USA Dothan Training Center CAE’s Dothan Training Center in Dothan, Alabama was opened in 2017 to meet the fixed-wing flight training needs of the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. We constructed a state-of-the-art training facility in less than 12 months from contract award and created a fully operational 79,000 square foot training facility that includes modern academic classrooms, high-fidelity training devices, a fleet of aircraft and all supporting infrastructure. We purchased Grob G120TP aircraft to deliver live flight training in addition to operating Army-owned C-12U aircraft. The...

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