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Suite of training devices At CAE, we understand the importance of a fully-integrated, realistic and seamless training experience. Our knowledge and expertise comes from listening to customers who have purchased over 900 full-flight simulators (FFSs) and flight training devices from CAE, in addition to our own training centres where we train more than 75,000 pilots annually. This experience has helped make CAE the leader in providing the most comprehensive portfolio of simulation products, from simulation-based laptop and desktop trainers to three-dimensional training devices and FFSs. Above all, we believe that true fidelity is required for a realistic training experience. That is why our entire simulation product portfolio employs software based on the same true fidelity simulation software used in our Level D FFSs. The commonality and consistency throughout CAE’s product portfolio ensures that your training program is efficient and cost-effective while delivering a realistic training experience. The CAE Simfinity product suite consists of two-dimensional (2D) training devices and three-dimensional (3D) training devices. CAE Simfinity training tools can be used for pilot and maintenance training in either self-paced or instructor-led classroom setups. These tools are effective in transferring systems knowledge and ideal for procedural and familiarization training because the students “learn by doing” prior to entering a Level D FFS. By using the CAE Simfinity suite of products, you are able to offload pilot training events to more cost-effective training devices while making more efficient use of your FFS. CAE Simfinity products are available for Boeing, Airbus, regional, business and military aircraft types, and can be equipped with a CAE Tropos™-6000 visual system as well as CAE True™ Environment to enhance the realism of the training experience. CAE Simfinity™ two-dimensional (2D) trainers The CAE Simfinity 2D training devices run on standard computing equipment such as a laptop or desktop PC and can be used as standalone trainers, over the web or as part of a networked environment in a classroom. These 2D trainers offer the ability to display cockpit panels and instruments and include a library of malfunctions and active schematics all interacting in real time with the truefidelity Level D simulation software. Students and instructors are able to save and recall lesson plans and a variety of procedural training scenarios. Following is a brief description of each of the CAE Simifinity 2D products. Flight management system trainer (FMST) The flight management system trainer (FMST) integrates complete flight management capabilities, including navigation display rendering of routes and navigation aids. The trainer uses actual aircraft flight management system code, thus delivering the same performance as the aircraft and allowing you to use your airline’s own 28-day cycle navigation database. Virtual simulator (VSIM) The virtual simulator (VSIM) is a powerful familiarization and practice tool for pilot training that provides access to all aircraft systems. The VSIM offers the functionality of a FFS on a laptop, giving you the ability to perform almost all procedures as if you were in the cockpit of the FFS. Virtual maintenance trainer (VMT) In addition to VSIM functionality, the virtual maintenance trainer (VMT) combines line replaceable unit (LRU), cockpit-initiated built-in test equipment (BITE), and component location to provide a virtual aircraft where systems familiarization, maintenance procedural training and troubleshooting can be taught. This makes the VMT a powerful desktop training tool for both pilot and maintenance train

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CAE Simfinity™ three-dimensional (3D) trainers The CAE Simfinity 3D training devices provide spatial orientation of the aircraft cockpit being reproduced. The trainers meet requirements for qualification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Joint Aviation Authority (JAA). CAE ensures system simulation compatibility and fidelity on trainers for each progressive qualification level because the true-fidelity simulation software is always derived from CAE’s Level D FFSs. In addition, the instructor operator station (IOS) and the lesson plan studio (LPS) for CAE Simfinity 3D...

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