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CAEC - 1

AVIATION TRAINING eVTOL Training and Operational Solutions Envisioning the future of flight

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CAEC - 2

Ready to lead a new era in flight With the emergence of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), and the new sizeable workforce it requires, CAE sees a clean sheet opportunity to build new training and other operational solutions, from the ground up and at scale across markets worldwide. The industry has seen record-level activity across investments and purchase orders from established airlines and legacy operators in the aviation industry. CAE is leading the charge by applying and adapting its expertise and offerings towards tailored solutions for eVTOL operators and OEMs. We believe our evolutionary...

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CAEC - 3

Safe, smart, scalable end-to-end AAM solutions, tailored to your aircraft and operations • High-fidelity simulation & immersive technologies • Student-centric pilot and technician training solutions & curriculum development • Remote pilot training • Pilot and technician workforce resourcing & provisioning • Engineering simulation and certification support • Mission planning tools The CAE difference is where and how we lead • Largest civil aviation training network that allows for close-to-base-training • Unmatched engineering expertise from supporting 94% of new aircraft programs in the...

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CAEC - 4

CAE is leveraging upon decades of advancements in extended reality technologies to develop the CAE 700MXR Flight Simulator for the Advanced Air Mobility Market. Introducing the CAE 700MXR Flight Simulator Mixed Reality is technology blending physical reality and the virtual world to develop new visualizations and environments. The CAE 700MXR emulates flight characteristics and operational programs for eVTOL aircraft, utilizing enhanced reality, high-precision hand tracking, and the accurate, tactile feel of the aircraft's main instrument panel. Along with the compact minimotion platform and...

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CAEC - 5

Now begins a new age in aviation, creating unprecedented demand for uniquely trained pilots and technicians to ensure safe operation of eVTOL aircraft, in and around cities of the world.

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CAEC - 6

Leading innovation in the era of Advanced Air Mobility CAE recently announced Project Resilience which outlines an investment of C$1 billion into innovation over the next five years to develop the aviation technologies of the future. This will be crucial in positioning CAE as a leader in Advanced Air Mobility solutions and help propel the industry forward as we build the workforce of tomorrow. Investments will span into areas of digitally immersive solutions, data ecosystems and artificial intelligence including mixed reality training devices, fixed base simulators and engineering...

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