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King-Size Solutions Hangar Doors

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King-Size Solutions Hangar Doors nnovation from experience The Butzbach company was founded in 1953, it is a family-owned and managed by the second generation German business, with 350 employees. The company are specialists for hangar and industrial doors. With over 35 years of experience Butzbach can offer innovative and exacting solutions. The sliding hangar doors can meet all dimensional requirements and specific needs. Whether a new installation or renovation, individual planning, long term cost effectiveness and reliability are ensured. From the first step through to installation and commissioning service, Butzbach provides full support for the customer.

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Butzbach hangar doors are in use all over the world. Constant development, individual planning and construction, production and customer service at first hand as well as our experience of more than 850 successfully completed projects guarantee their function. The requirements of each hangar are different. Butzbach's solutions are correspondingly diverse,

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Over 850 hangars all over the world Reliability for 30 years Hamburg Finkenwerder (DE) Airbus The sliding door has an extreme opening width of 190 metres and a height of 27 metres. The centre door leaf with a length of 110 metres allows quick opening to make room for two Airbus A380s. Vienna (AT) Airport The sliding door has a particularly interesting appearance thanks to its fibreglass infill in two different colours and can be opened flexibly with the freely movable door leaves. Butzbach on site Anywhere Germany Istres (FR) Dassault Aviation The curved guide tracks give the...

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Opening principle Sliding door Open and close your hangar exactly where it is needed. Due to Butzbach sliding doors with freely movable door leaves each door element can be moved individually on the bottom tracks. This guarantees the best possible flexibility.

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Create opportunities Planning and consulting The work processes in an aircraft hangar place the highest demands on organisation, efficiency and reliability. The hangar door has to fully meet all these requirements and Butzbach offers full support to master this task completely. Requirements for which Butzbach offers you logical answers. Due to their size and presence aircraft hangars have a particular influence on the appearance of every airport. This is both a challenge and an opportunity. That’s why all options are available to you for both the technical and the visual design of a...

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Opening principle Telescopic sliding door In the Butzbach telescopic door, the individual door elements are linked together and are opened and closed simultaneously at the push of a button. This reduces the operating effort and provides quick access to the hangar. Photo © FBO RIGA,

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High quality High performance The development of your hangar door at Butzbach is a process in which several disciplines are involved. On the basis of extensive experience, different architectural, functional, technical and economic aspects have to be considered in parallel. Every door is customized and individually planned - but what they all have in common is their reliability and durability. Our planning teams will find the right answers to your specific requirements. Examples of this include fuselage adjustments in the door for extra-long aircraft or large stacking doors for vertical...

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Opening principle Around-the-corner door With the Butzbach around-the-corner door each door element is guided along the inside or outside of the hangar side wall. This is a great advantage when space is limited or for special hangar shapes such as round halls. The entire width of the hall is always available when opening the around-thecorner door.

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Butzbach GmbH Industrietore | WeiherstraBe 16 | 89293 Kellmunz (Germany) Tel. +49 8337 901-0 | |

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